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Pickle Ice Cream Splits Sundaes Really Do Exist

Welcome to the summer of 2019. Here to question your faith in humanity and solidify your valid questioning of all food items coming from St. Louis (and the surrounding areas) is the Pickle Ice Cream Sundae. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: a glorious traditional ice cream split where the banana has been is swapped out for ... Read More »

7-Eleven Just Launched Beer Delivery In Daytona Beach!

The days of the beer run are over if you live in Daytona Beach. Now, 7-Eleven will run beer to you. This is some pretty awesome news. 7-Eleven just launched beer delivery in 18 cities and one of those cities happens to be right here in Daytona Beach. If you are closer to Orlando, good news, they will deliver there ... Read More »

Heavy Metal is Now the Fastest Growing Music Genre Worldwide

Horns up metal fans! The fastest-growing genre worldwide based on streaming and download numbers for 2018 is Heavy Metal. New York based TuneCore, who provides distribution, publishing and licensing services for independent artists, released the top growing genres along with their first quarter financials and Heavy Metal took the top spot for growth growing genre worldwide! Here’s the full list of fastest-growing ... Read More »

Here’s What Happens When You Get High and Slide Into the Cops’ DMs

This is exactly why people should put down their phones when they pick up their bong, especially in states where marijuana is still illegal. One guy by the name of Emanuel, who apparently is from Henry County, Georgia, direct messaged the wrong people to celebrate a “wake and bake”. Smoke smart my friends. When you get too high and DM the ... Read More »

Woodstock 50 CANCELED!

Woodstock 50 – scheduled for the 50th anniversary of the legendary music festival – has been canceled according to multiple outlets. Although the festival had an all-star lineup – including acts from the original Woodstock fest, and current featured artist such as Jay-Z and Miley Cyrus, tickets for the festival never went on sale as planned and now there are ... Read More »

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Newest K9 Has Been Named

The Flager County Sheriff’s Office would like to introduce you to the newest member of the force… HOLMES! After over 2,000 responses to ask for help in naming the newest member of their K9 unit, the FCSO decided on HOLMES. The adorable bloodhound puppy’s first job with the FCSO will be to learn his name.  The decided on HOLMES as ... Read More »

What’s After the Credits of Avengers: Endgame?

If you are planning on seeing Avengers Endgame there’s some important stuff you need to know going in. First, when to hit the restroom – there are 3 times when its best to bail out for a few and not miss anything too important (see below). However, it appears there is something in the credits that we MAY need to ... Read More »