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Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Newest K9 Has Been Named

The Flager County Sheriff’s Office would like to introduce you to the newest member of the force… HOLMES! After over 2,000 responses to ask for help in naming the newest member of their K9 unit, the FCSO decided on HOLMES. The adorable bloodhound puppy’s first job with the FCSO will be to learn his name.  The decided on HOLMES as ... Read More »

What’s After the Credits of Avengers: Endgame?

If you are planning on seeing Avengers Endgame there’s some important stuff you need to know going in. First, when to hit the restroom – there are 3 times when its best to bail out for a few and not miss anything too important (see below). However, it appears there is something in the credits that we MAY need to ... Read More »

CDC Reports Multi-State Outbreak of E. Coli Linked to Ground Beef

The CDC is reporting that they, along with several states, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service are investigating a multi-state outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli O103 in people who ate ground beef at home and in restaurants. Currently, no deaths have been reported but 20 people have been hospitalized and 156 people have been infected ... Read More »

David Crosby Got High and Smack-Talked The Doors on Twitter

Buckle up kids. Uncle David is about to speak his truth on the Doors, again. basically sucked …guitar and drums pretty ok …keyboard was awful ..his bass with left hand was abysmal, horrible …square wheel bad …and Morrison was no effing good as a singer or poet ..poser ….sorry https://t.co/XPzLQ6gLtf — David Crosby (@thedavidcrosby) April 20, 2019 He took the ... Read More »

Waking Up to Music Instead of Alarm will Make Your Day Better

Chances are you are using your phone to wake up in the morning but one simple change could improve your day.  Here’s some news from a new study we can get behind. When you wake up to music instead of an alarm, you have a better day. It gets you out of bed faster, helps brush off the sluggishness and you’ll ... Read More »

WATCH: Easter Bunny Gets Into a Street Fight in Orlando *NSFW*

What happens when you take Easter, Florida and social media? THIS. Instagram user @Workfth shared this video of a fight that happened Sunday night on Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando involving someone dressed as the Easter bunny. Eventually an Orlando police officer stepped in to break up the fight but not before @Workfth got some up close and personal video of ... Read More »

Peeps On Pizza Is a Crime Against Humanity… But Is It Good?

Here we go again. Peeps on Pizza or Peepza as some call it, is the atrocity that rears its ugly head once a year to remind us that there are some things that absolutely don’t belong on pizza. This crime against humanity was actually documented almost a decade ago in a blog post for Slice.Serious Eats. The author, Adam Kuban, did ... Read More »