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WATCH: Metallica Returns to Daytona Beach for Welcome to Rockville

After 30 years, Metallica is coming back to Daytona Beach. The iconic heavy metal band is set to headline 2 nights of the music festival Welcome to Rockville in May 2020. Quinn and Riggs were out in San Fransisco for the announcement. Check it out below. Metallica XX Posted by Metallica on Thursday, October 10, 2019 This is will be ... Read More »

Cops Find Crack Pipe In Biking Florida Woman’s Bum

Prepare to cringe. According to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, a 34-year-old Florida woman was stopped by police for riding her bicycle without lights around 2:25am. Deputies say in the arrest affidavit that the Vero Beach woman  had a screwdriver in her front pocket and, “As I continued searching (the woman) I was able to feel an item in ... Read More »

Elon Musk Teases Sound Effects for Tesla Vehicles Including 💨 & 🐐

Welcome to the future. Well the future of Tesla anyway. CEO Elon Musk tweeted a tease to the masses saying that the next generation of Tesla cars will feature “customized & movement sounds (coconutes being one, of course),” an apparent Monty Python reference, and a follow up tweet with emojis implying wind sounds and goats bleating. For the record, a fan ... Read More »

Glenlivet Brings Scotch Whisky Pods to Life and the Internet Is Confused

If you’ve ever fantasized about having your single-malt Scotch in tide-pod form, prepare to have your daydreams come true. Whisky maker Glenlivet has released “edible cocktail capsules made from seaweed,” and the Internet isn’t sure how to react. Should they be angry because something in pod packaging is supposed to be eaten? Or, should they be excited a sustainable way ... Read More »

Mysterious Message On Welcome To Rockville Festival Pages

A mysterious message has taken over the Welcome to Rockville Festival website and social media. We aren’t sure what this means but we’re on a mission to figure it out. Updates as we get them. The page you are trying to access is no longer under admin control. We’ve been waiting long enough. We’ve taken matters into our own hands. ... Read More »

Boaty McBoatface Looks Like Hulk Hogan And You Can’t Unsee It

The same internet that brought you “Boaty McBoatface” has now figured out WHO the boat looks like, and I’m sorry in advance because you won’t be able to unsee it. You many remember when the Natural Environment Research Council decided to leave it up to a poll to name their new ship. Someone suggested Boaty McBoatface, the idea went viral, ... Read More »

KISS To Play Underwater For Great White Sharks

Just when you thought Gene Simmons couldn’t find a new audience, KISS announces they will perform for the great white sharks of Australia. The greatest band in the world is scheduled to play for the sharks — and eight lucky fans —during a concert in Australia on Nov. 18. Here’s the answer to that “how” question you just asked yourself. ... Read More »