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Forget the Tailgate… UCF Is Building a Lazy River Outside the Football Stadium for “Covegating”

“Covegating” at McNamara Cove is coming to UCF in 2020! The name was approved by the University’s Board of Trustees bringing college football’s most unique gameday tailgating experience one step closer to completion. UCF will offer 250 all-inclusive “Covegating” membership packages for all regular-season home football games that includes food, beverage and parking among other amenities. There will be other ... Read More »

Would You Take $2,000 to Betray Your Favorite NFL Team?

CableTV.com is looking for a die-hard football fan with a stadium-sized personality to pay $2,000 if they will take on the shameful challenge of spending the rest of the football season flying their rival’s colors and bragging about it online. Ouch. That’s a lot of grief to take for $2,000. I mean you COULD do a lot with that money ... Read More »

WATCH: Volunteers Form Human Chain to Rescue Dolphins Trapped In Florida Canal

A group of four dolphins that were trapped in a St. Petersburg neighborhood canal since Sunday were was rescued Tuesday after volunteers formed a human chain to help free them. Andy Garrett, a biologist with the Florida Fish Wildlife Conservation Commission said keeping the chain together is how they were able to save them. Dolphins use echolocation to navigate in ... Read More »

Negotiations Continue With Man Who Climbed Orlando TV Tower

According to multiple sources a man scaled a 400-foot tower outside the WKMG-TV News 6 studios Wednesday morning, prompting authorities to close access in and out of the station as Orlando police crisis negotiators attempt to talk the man down. Orlando police have been called to a TV station where a man has scaled partway up a large tower: https://bit.ly/2mmZjWr ... Read More »

WATCH: Couple Barely Escape Shark Attack

Yes, I know, this is Florida, there are sharks in the ocean and people shouldn’t be surprised. This isn’t about that though. In the history of mankind, I don’t know if a dude has left a woman behind to fend for herself faster than this guy does. Couple Narrowly Escape Shark Attack On Beach Well… I'm never going to the ... Read More »

Handcuffed Florida Couple Busted For Getting It On In Police Vehicle

I’m not saying what they did was right but I am saying that I’m impressed. While under arrest in the back of a police vehicle, a handcuffed Florida couple took off their clothes and started having sex before they were eventually interrupted by a sheriff’s deputy. It all started around 11:40 pm on Friday the 13th when a cop stopped a ... Read More »