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WATCH: 13 Year Old Kid Plays Drums With Metallica

Young drummer

Metallica invited 13 year-old  Evan Adamson onto the stage to play drums on “Seek & Destroy”. What an amazing birthday present for the young drummer — Evan absolutely crushed it too! Check out the video posted by Metallica to Twitter below: Read More »

Rush film ‘Cinema Strangiato’ Hits Theatres For One Night

Rush Cinema Strangiato

On Wednesday, August 21, 2019 — the film hits theaters around the world… but for one night only. It chronicles the bands final 40th anniversary “R40” tour in 2015. The film also features rockstars and fellow Rush fans: Billy Corgan, Tom Morello, and Taylor Hawkins. Source: Billboard.com Read More »

1960’s Super-group The Dirty Mac: Clapton, Lennon, Richards, Mitchell

The Dirty Mac

ABKCO Music & Records re-released The Rolling Stones’ Rock And Roll Circus 1968 live music film with new expanded content. The film is full of amazing performances, and we can’t wait to see the new stuff that’s been included. One really stands out as being unique though: John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, and Mitch Mitchell banded together for this ... Read More »

Move over Waldo, Motörhead: Where is Lemmy? is here!

Illustration from Fantoons' Where Is Lemmy? Book

The L.A. animation studio Fantoons is coming out with a new ‘Where’s Waldo?’ style book, but with Lemmy from Motorhead, instead of Waldo. The book gets released on November 5, 2019, but can be pre-ordered from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Check out the sample illustrations from the book below!       Read More »

Mike Huckabee Jams To Korn?!

Korn's Head and Mike Huckabee Jam "Blind"

Mark this down as one of those things you’d never expect to happen: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee had Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch on his show. To everyone’s surprise, the bass-playing former politician got on stage and thumped out “Blind” on his 5-string. Huckabee posted the video to his YouTube channel: Read More »

WATCH: Rob Halford Punts A Fan’s Cell Phone

Rob Halford Kicks fan's phone

We know most artists don’t like it when fans are watching their performance through their phone screens. This must be especially true for the old school rockers like Rob Halford. YouTube user Genghis Don shared a video from a recent Judas Priest concert showing the frontman booting a front-row fan’s cell phone into the upper stratosphere! Check out the video ... Read More »

WATCH: DLR Crashes Bachelor Party in Vegas

Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth was getting ready for a Vegas show, when he heard some Van Halen blasting from a hotel room nearby his. So, of course Diamond Dave knocks on the door to let the partying lads know that he approves. Check out the video from YouTube below:   Read More »

Eddie Money To Have Minor Heart Surgery

Eddie Money's new album cover "Brand New Day"

The 70 year old rock singer is coming out with a new album “Brand New Day” on July 19th. Eddie sent out a tweet yesterday talking about how he will be going under the knife for some minor heart surgery. We all hope for a successful surgery, so the Money Man can get back out there and perform! Read More »