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Bad first date is an understatement
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Bad first date is an understatement

A woman went on a first date with a man  and ended up in a  police chase after he took off during a traffic stop.

She had just met the man from the Orlando area on a dating website and they ended up at a Palm Coast Denny’s for dinner before heading back to her home.

That’s when things went totally wrong….

Blue lights came on and  a deputy tried to stop the vehicle for a tag violation and that’s when the date told the woman he’d was going to go to jail because he didn’t have a licence, so he bailed from the car and took off into near by woods. When authorities spoke with the woman she said she was pretty frightened and did not know his last name.

Police think he was running from more than just a suspended license and believe he could be hiding more in his criminal background.

He is still on the run.