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WATCH: Eric Clapton Play Scorching Cover of Prince’s Purple Rain in London

Eric Clapton kicked off his three-night stand on Monday night at London’s Royal Albert Hall with a killer set that included a rare electric version of “Layla” and a beautiful set-closing performance of Prince’s “Purple Rain.” It’s the first time that Clapton has played a Prince cover. He didn’t give any indication of why he decided to play “Purple Rain”, ... Read More »

Beer Intern Wanted: Get Paid To Drink Beer (Yes, Really)

If you have ever wanted to get paid to drink beer, dust off that resume and grab a pint because we’ve got the perfect job for you. Natural Light, or Natty Light as it is affectionally called, is looking for a Natty Intern for this summer who will literally get paid to drink beer. No need to worry about your ... Read More »

Guns N’ Roses Files Lawsuit Against Oskar Blues Over Beer Name

Guns N’ Roses has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Oskar Blues Brewery (owned by Canarchy Craft Brewery Collective) for their craft beer aptly named, Guns ‘N’ Rosé. The lawsuit states Oskar Blues brewery has been selling one of their craft beers and merchandise (including hats, t-shirts, pint glasses, stickers, buttons and bandannas) under the name Guns ‘N’ Rosé since ... Read More »

WATCH: Metallica Perform FRANTIC for the First Time in 8 Years

Metallica Live at O2 London, England

Metallica kicked off the European leg of their spring/summer 2019 “Worldwired” tour in Lisbon, Portugal last week and the band’s 18-song setlist had some special tracks that hadn’t been hear in years. Fans were treated to performances of “Disposable Heroes” (2015), “The God That Failed” (2012) and “Frantic”, which hadn’t been been heard since 2011 before last week. Check out ... Read More »

GAME OF THRONES Misplaced Coffee Cup Takes Over Internet

Can’t get anything by Game of Thrones’ fans! Unless time travel is a part of the final episode, there was a pretty obvious editing error in a scene about 17 minutes in to last night’s episode, “The Last of the Starks.” A disposable coffee cup appeared on a table in Winterfell’s Great Hall where Daenerys Targaryen is seated, while Tormund Giantsbane toasts ... Read More »

First Look at Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

“Star Wars” fans in Florida have something special to look forward to in 2019. Specifically, August 29th, when visitors will finally be able to descend on Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Galaxy’s Edge. The media was recently given a sneak peek at the massive expansion and some precious details as to what guests can expect when they show up. It all starts at ... Read More »

Tinder Now Can Help You Hook Up at Music Festivals

If you are planning on hitting up some music festivals this summer and looking for some “companionship” while you are there – Tinder now has a new feature called “Festival Mode.” Festival mode allows users to do exactly what you think it will. It allows users to add festivals they’ll be at to their Tinder profiles so they can match ... Read More »

Pickle Ice Cream Splits Sundaes Really Do Exist

Welcome to the summer of 2019. Here to question your faith in humanity and solidify your valid questioning of all food items coming from St. Louis (and the surrounding areas) is the Pickle Ice Cream Sundae. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: a glorious traditional ice cream split where the banana has been is swapped out for ... Read More »