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California Grinches Steal Presents From Foster Children

You’d have to be some kind of awful to steal gifts from foster kids right before Christmas. 24-year-old Joseph Betancourt and 40-year-old Marie Bennett were arrested for doing just that. The Red Bluff Police Department, in Northern California, received a call on Friday from Children First Foster Family Agency. Someone had broken in the night before and ran off with ... Read More »

Louisville Dope Had Dope Mailed To Him In Air Fryer

I guess this is why they call it dope. The police in Louisville, KY are currently trying to track down a man who had almost $100,000 of meth shipped to him in an air fryer. The narcotics division tracked the package to its eventual destination and obtained a warrant to confiscate it. The person who live at the residence was ... Read More »

Woman Pulls Gun On McDonald’s Employees After Receiving Ketchup Instead of Jelly

Talk about an all-time overreaction. 20-year-old Asia Vestor was at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Memphis, Tennessee and she requested jelly with her order. When she looked in her bag, she quickly noticed that there was ketchup, but no jelly. Vestor then completely lost it, started screaming at employees, even pulling a gun on them before driving away. Surveillance video was ... Read More »

Georgia Man Calls Out of Work Drunk, Then Tries To Rob The Place

This is one way to ensure you won’t have to work your next shift. 20-year-old Kentarias Gowans called out of his Thanksgiving shift at a Steak n Shake in Oakwood, Georgia. The reason he gave was…he was drunk. Gowans did eventually make it over to the establishment, still drunk, around 10PM, but it was not to work. He pulled a ... Read More »

Two Brothers Arrested In Same Night For Stealing Chevys

This is a pretty powerful family connection – two brothers arrested for stolen Chevrolets in one night! 36-year-old Eric McCracken, from Topeka, Kansas, was pulled over for a traffic violation at 1:30 am on Friday in a 2007 Chevy Trailblazer. It turns out he was driving on a suspended license…oh, and the SUV was stolen, so he was arrested and ... Read More »

Bengals Fan Finally Comes Down From Roof After Shocking Victory

After 57 days, a crazy Bengals fan was able to come down from the roof of his restaurant because the Bengals finally won a game! Jeff Lanham went up on his roof on October 5th and proceeded to spend every night there since. He lost a bet with some buddies and the result was he could not come off his ... Read More »

Largo Man Spits Food In Woman’s Mouth During Road Rage Incident

It does not get grosser than this. On October 29, 61-year-old David Wipperman was involved in a “road rage incident” involving an unnamed woman. Apparently after the incident, Wipperman exited his truck and approached the woman’s car. She rolled down the window and apologized for her part. Wipperman’s reaction, however, was less than ideal. He decided to spit the food ... Read More »