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Kentucky Woman Tries To Use Dog Pee To Pass Drug Test

This is pretty ruff. On Monday, 40-year-old Julie Miller knew she needed to provide a urine sample as part of a probation visit. And according to the Pineville Police Department, she “snuck in a sample of urine,” which she tried to pass off as hers. Officials were quickly able to determine that the sample did not come from her and ... Read More »

Therapy Dog Steals Gifts From Kids In Most Adorable Theft Of The Year

I’m not sure anybody could actually be mad about this theft. The Franklin Police Department in Massachusetts has a therapy dog named Ben. Mostly he goes to schools to help kids in crisis. And has a very soothing effect on them. However, Ben was recently caught red-handed stealing from children. Last week an officer noticed that some toys that were ... Read More »

Wakanda Made The List Of US Free Trade Agreement Partners

If you are a fan of comic books or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you might know that Wakanda is the fictional nation in Africa where Black Panther is from. Yet, somehow, they made a recent list of Free Trade Agreement Partners of the United States. This blunder was caught by Twitter user, Francis Tseng, on the United States Department of ... Read More »

Colorado Man Does His “Business” On Stranger’s Porch

Porch pirates are a problem right now, but this guy decided to leave something…gross. Scott McCoy was on a skiing trip over the weekend when his doorbell camera started sending alerts to his phone. Apparently around 2 am a man, who appeared to be intoxicated, rang his doorbell and when no one answered, he tried, unsuccessfully, to break in. After ... Read More »

Air Freshener And Cigarettes Blow Up Man’s Vehicle

I guess you don’t realize how flammable aerosol cans are until something like this happens. A driver in England was stuck in traffic on Saturday afternoon and for some reason sprayed excessive amounts of air freshener in his car. All of the windows were rolled up, so there was no ventilation. So when he immediately decided to light a cigarette ... Read More »

Brazen Porch Pirate Leaves Thank You Note

‘Tis the season for…porch pirates apparently. And one of those porch pirates from Minnesota actually left a note thanking their victim for the package. The police in St. Paul tweeted out a picture of the note, along with a twitter thread on how to combat porch piracy. The note reads,”So just a quick little thank you for leaving me the ... Read More »

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline To Switch To 3-Digit Number: 988

On Thursday federal regulators announced that those seeking emergency mental health assistance will be able to get it as easily as dialing 911. It’s still a ways away though. The Federal Communications Commission has proposed requiring all telephone providers to make the switch in 18 months. There is still a lot of work to be done, however, once it is ... Read More »

Subway Employee Robs Own Store To Teach Co-Worker A Lesson

This feels like the wrong way to teach someone a lesson. At about 7 PM on Monday, power was cut to a Subway in Las Cruces, New Mexico. At the time there were two employees inside and a customer at the drive-thru window. After the power was off a masked man and woman entered the establishment, jumped over the counter, ... Read More »