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He Put What Where?!

A 320-pound man from Memphis recently shocked police when he managed to sneak a machete through a police station metal detector. 30 year-old Freddrick Johnson was arrested for publicly masturbating at a bus station. When he went through the police station’s metal detector it was discovered that he was in possession of two folding knives, a taser, and multiple baggies ... Read More »

Weed, Speedo, Cops – Must Be Florida Man

When the police come knocking on your door, it can definitely be unnerving – especially if you aren’t exactly dressed and smoking weed. Or it should be anyway. Anthony Carracino surprised Flagler County deputies when he opened the door in his speedo and smoking a joint. The deputies were responding to an unrelated call from one of his neighbors and ... Read More »

Florida Man Sings His Way To Jail

Not sure if he thought this would help, but when cops arrived to arrest a Florida man in Gainesville, he decided to break out in song. Darian Glass, 29, had an active warrant for battery. When cops arrived at his home, a woman answered the door and claimed not to know where he was. When they entered the home, they ... Read More »

Drinking Beer Is Healthy?!

I never really thought about drinking beer for health benefits. Mostly it’s just tasty and a real good way to lower my inhibitions, which makes me much more fun, really. But apparently, beer may actually be good FOR you. It could help you reduce kidney stones. If that’s something you suffer from, one beer a day could help reduce the ... Read More »

Here’s A Compelling Reason To Not Spoil Avengers: Endgame

I am probably in the minority now when I say that I have not seen Avengers: Endgame. And it’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s hard to get out to the theater when you’re entertaining the masses everyday. That being said, I do plan on seeing it, since I have seen all MCU movies in theaters up until ... Read More »

This Is One Way To Advertise

We’ve all seen sign-spinners on the side of the road trying to promote a business. It’s a tactic a lot of businesses in Florida use. What’s unusual is for a man to self-promote a concealed weapons class…with a sign…on a busy road….and no pants! That’s exactly what Jose Plantin decided to do at a busy Fort Meyers intersection. He was ... Read More »

Did This Have To Be Clarified?

I’m so confused by this and never thought it’d be a thing I’m writing. Garlic is delicious. I put it on lots of food. It’s the flavor-maker! Garlic is also pretty useful when it comes to keeping vampires away! Garlic should NEVER be shoved up in your lady parts. There is a thread going viral on Twitter right now, and ... Read More »

Jesus Caught Selling Drugs On Easter

Ok, not the actual Jesus, but he did play Jesus in Holy Week plays in the Philippines for the past eight years. Mark Anthony Jakosalem, aka Jesus, was arrested on Sunday night around 11 in a buy-bust. Cops say he only had a few bags on him, but believe he sold a whole lot more on a daily basis. Either ... Read More »