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Charging For Aisle Seats At Concerts?!

I’m not a person who enjoys sitting down at a concert. I want to headbang and dance and be fully immersed in the concert experience. That being said, I do see the appeal of sitting down for some people. And I definitely get wanting to have an aisle seat. But at what cost? Live Nation is now selling “Premium Aisle ... Read More »

Florida Man Threatens To Eat Police Officers

Well, after the bath salts thing a few years ago and now this, I am convinced the zombie apocalypse will originate in Florida. Melbourne officers responded to a call at a Dick’s Sporting Goods, where 50 year-old Ken Freeman was brandishing a large, silver and black knife and threatening to chop off the head of another man over a minor ... Read More »

Assault With A Deadly Coconut?

A Florida stripper was arrested early Saturday morning for assault with a deadly weapon. Her weapon of choice? A coconut…?! 36 year-old Shonta Bolds was hanging out on the porch of a Key West strip club around 2am Saturday when a man approached and started filming her. She shouted at him to stop filming her, but he wouldn’t, so she ... Read More »

Side Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprived? You may not think so, but the Centers for Disease Control recommend 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night, but one out of every three adults regularly come up short. I’m one of them. I average about 4.5 hours a night. Some days less, some days more. But that got me really thinking about the side effects ... Read More »

Florida Man Gives New Meaning To Catfishing

I always thought catfishing was when you used a fake identity online to try to trick a person, but maybe I’m totally wrong and this guy had it right. 42 year-old Kristian Dudley rode his bicycle, equipped red and blue flashing lights, to the victim’s home in Naples. He said he was with the FBI and ordered her to show ... Read More »

This Is One Very Specific Burglar

This whole story is just weird to me. Does the burglar have a weird fetish? Did the victim just not want to admit what was going on? Did they just keep leaving their toys in the same place? This story leaves me with so many questions! A South Dakota man was arrested last month for stealing over $500 worth of ... Read More »

Itsy Bitsy Oh Hell No!

What I thought was an irrational fear of mine is totally legit and I’d like the ask my friends to please stop laughing now. A guy in his 20s recently visited a doctor in China complaining about a “crawling sensation” in his right ear. The doctor used an endoscope to check out what was going on in there, and discovered ... Read More »

Alcohol Consumption Up 70% Since 1990

It’s good to know I’m not the only one who enjoys a nightly beverage. According to a new study, alcohol use is on the rise globally and it just keeps going up. Global consumption back in 1990 was 5.5 billions gallons. In 2017, however, it jumped up to 9.4 billion. That’s a 70% increase! This means that the average adult ... Read More »

He Put What Where?!

A 320-pound man from Memphis recently shocked police when he managed to sneak a machete through a police station metal detector. 30 year-old Freddrick Johnson was arrested for publicly masturbating at a bus station. When he went through the police station’s metal detector it was discovered that he was in possession of two folding knives, a taser, and multiple baggies ... Read More »