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Florida Dad is “Awesome”…Not

This is what happens when Florida Man becomes Florida Dad. 37-year-old John Bloodsworth, from Daytona Beach was arrested for aggravated abuse of a child resulting in physical/mental injuries, disorderly intoxication and swimming within 300 feet of the pier. Bloodsworth reportedly tossed his 5-year-old son in the ocean then proceeded to do backflips off the pier as the boy struggled with the ... Read More »

This Is Not The Right Way To Enjoy A Bagel Bite

I really don’t feel like Bagel Bites deserve to be treated this way. Roger Bridenolph is a 49-year-old man from Springdale, Arkansas, and on Sunday afternoon, he decided it’d be a good idea to steal a box of Bagel Bites from a Dollar Tree. Bridenolph allegedly berated the cashier and shoved the manager out of the way to flee the ... Read More »

Florida Man Takes Wife To Strip Club, Loses It When She Has A Good Time

Well I definitely would not have seen this coming. 36-year-old Christopher Sutton of Dunedin took his wife to a strip club down in the Keys this past weekend. While there, she was apparently pulled onstage by one of the strippers, who then started undressing her. She went along with it, which sent Sutton into a rage. He started yelling at ... Read More »

What Happens When A Movie Plot Becomes Reality?

Remember that scene in “Lethal Weapon 2” with the exploding toilet? Well, a guy in Tennessee thought it’d be fun to have a recreation. On Saturday, an entire neighborhood in Tullahoma, Tennessee had to be evacuated after two guys got in an argument, which led to a bomb scare. Apparently, at some point during the argument, one of the men ... Read More »

Florida Man Pulls Sword On Dad And Electrician

As a nerd, I feel like I can say this….nerds really need to work on their social skills. Siler Elroy Ballard, 24, from Melbourne was charged with two counts of aggravated assault after he pulled a samurai sword on his father and a handyman. Apparently Siler had been playing games on his console in the family’s barn when the handyman ... Read More »

New From Metallica….A Kids Book?

Well, it looks like James wasn’t kidding when he said Metallica shows are more “family-friendly” since he had his kids. Because Metallica’s newest project is a children’s book. “The ABC’s of Metallica” is due out November 26, and “looks back at the history of the band from…A to Z!” Supposedly there are rhymes and illustrations to entertain the little ones. ... Read More »

Breaking and Exercising?

I feel like if you’re going to rob a place, stopping for a quick workout probably isn’t in your best interest. 39-year-old Jamey Sanders, from Salina, Kansas, probably wishes he hadn’t hopped on an inversion table in the home he was attempting to rob. Once he strapped himself in, he did not have the core strength to pull himself back ... Read More »

Dumb Criminal Drops Gun…In Front Of Three Cops

It pays to be aware of your surroundings…especially if you’re a felon who happens to be carrying a loaded weapon. 34-year-old Emmanuel Lovett is a convicted felon from New York City with robbery and drug convictions, and as such, is not legally allowed to own a gun. That being said, on Saturday night, he stumbled in to a combination Dunkin’ ... Read More »

Florida Man Gets Saucy With His Girlfriend Over McDonald’s Order

It’s always pretty annoying when you don’t get the right order from McDonald’s,  but no one deserves this. 30-year-old Jesus Ferrer was staying at a Tampa area motel with his girlfriend on Sunday when she brought home the “wrong food” from a nearby McDonald’s. The mistake enraged Ferrer so much that he began pelting the woman with their plastic Sweet ... Read More »