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Florida Man Blames Kitten For Trashed Home

Well, Florida Man, this may be a new low. 50-year-old Douglas Smith was hanging out at home with his friend when he suddenly flew into a rage. He ripped a TV off the wall, smashed his guitar, and brutally pummeled on his friend in his face and upper body for a while. The victim managed to escape the beating and ... Read More »

Florida Man Blames Horse For Break-In

When in doubt, just blame the horse you rode in on…seems to be the advice one Florida man is following. Steve Ferguson alerted Pasco County Sheriffs when he began receiving alerts on his phone, showing a man on his Moon Lake-area property. He then headed to the property himself. The video showed a man wandering around the house with a horse, ... Read More »

Have You Signed This Petition To Change The Date Of Halloween?

Halloween is on October 31, always has been. But there’s a petition out there that’s trying to change that. The petition on change.org is aiming to change the date of Halloween to the last Saturday in October, rather than always being on the 31st. The idea behind it is that kids won’t have to worry about school the next morning, and more people ... Read More »

Florida Man Found Naked, Asleep In Stranger’s Garage

And here I thought Florida Man never slept… 33-year-old Jonathan Whitney was found sleeping naked, on a bench inside the garage of a Land O’ Lakes resident, identified only as Ron. Ron walked into his garage and spotted a case of beer on the couch, then turned around to find a sleeping, unclothed Whitney. Ron grabbed a nearby paddle and ... Read More »

Georgia Woman Gets Gun Happy Over Cold Fries

I don’t eat fast food much – somehow my order is always wrong, and I feel like there is a higher likelihood of running into people like this… Lillian Shantel Tarver was in a McDonald’s outside Savannah on Tuesday and received some cold fries in her order. So the 27-year-old did what any sane person would, asked for a refund…with ... Read More »

Florida Woman Arrested After Giving Her Husband A Not So Helpful Hand

This marriage sounds like a nightmare. 44-year-old Anastacia Tasch was arrested in her Tampa-area home after causing her husband so much pain that he “crumpled over and had trouble walking.” Sometime around 5:30 Monday morning, Tasch decided to wake her husband by grabbing his privates and squeezing as hard as she could. She claims that she was just trying to arouse ... Read More »

An Animal Shelter Put A Positive Spin on ‘Storm Area 51’

This whole Storm Area 51 thing is crazy. Over 2 million people have signed up to try to find evidence of an alien cover up at Area 51 in September. Whether or not they show up is still yet to be seen, but here’s a happy tale to come out of this mess. An animal shelter in Oklahoma City posted ... Read More »

Strange Imagery For An Anti-Littering Campaign

A mural commissioned for an anti-littering campaign in Newcastle, England, is going viral right now for a weird reason. The city council paid an artist to paint a mural in town to represent some of the dangers of littering. Now, it definitely does that…and also appears to show a pigeon getting it on with a rabbit. The city has yet ... Read More »

Florida Dad is “Awesome”…Not

This is what happens when Florida Man becomes Florida Dad. 37-year-old John Bloodsworth, from Daytona Beach was arrested for aggravated abuse of a child resulting in physical/mental injuries, disorderly intoxication and swimming within 300 feet of the pier. Bloodsworth reportedly tossed his 5-year-old son in the ocean then proceeded to do backflips off the pier as the boy struggled with the ... Read More »

This Is Not The Right Way To Enjoy A Bagel Bite

I really don’t feel like Bagel Bites deserve to be treated this way. Roger Bridenolph is a 49-year-old man from Springdale, Arkansas, and on Sunday afternoon, he decided it’d be a good idea to steal a box of Bagel Bites from a Dollar Tree. Bridenolph allegedly berated the cashier and shoved the manager out of the way to flee the ... Read More »