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Zombie raccoons?

Zombie raccoons?

OK, so  is this  how it starts? There’s an outbreak in Chicago of “Zombie Raccoons”. In actuality, it called distemper. Distemper is is a viral disease found in raccoons. Symptoms include discharge from the nose and eyes, a rough coat of hair, thin and sickly appearance, and unusual behavior like wandering aimlessly. Soooo… Kinda like zombies.

Distemper is highly contagious bu inhalation or coming in contact with the infected animals feces. This means if your dog comes in contact with an infected raccoon, chances are high that your lil pup will become infected unless it has been vaccinated.

The residents of Chicago are reporting sighting of these infected animals and are saying they are green eyed (glowing) and are walking on their hind legs while showing their teeth and making odd noises… like zombies

The good news….. Humans CAN NOT catch distemper… So we’re safe…. for now!