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Volusia County Interim Manager To Receive Five Percent Raise

Volusia County Interim Manager To Receive Five Percent Raise

DeLand, FL – Interim county manager George Recktenwald will receive a raise as the County Council waits on bids from headhunting firms assisting the county with the search of a new manager.

The decision came during the council’s meeting today after public comments.

“He came up with a number a lot less than I did,” says County Chair Ed Kelley in regards to Recktenwald’s raise. “He said he would be happy if we would be willing to pay five percent additional than what he’s making.”

Kelley never stated his original proposed raise for Recktenwald, saying it was “a lot less than I suggested.”

Recktenwald explains why he proposed his five percent raise instead of Kelley’s by saying “the five percent is what we typically do with our employees when we ask them to step up into a situation.”

However, Recktenwald could be in line for an additional raise on top of his five percent.

As stated by council member Billie Wheeler during the meeting, Recktenwald will also be eligible for a four percent raise that has already been budgeted.

Recktenwald has been serving as the interim county manager since Jim Dinneen’s resignation on June 19th.

Recktenwald’s salary will now increase from $173,987 to $182,687.

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