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(NC-17) Does Getting-It-On With a Sex Doll Count as Cheating?

Can you cheat on someone with an inanimate object?  Okay . . . what if the inanimate object is really hot?     A new survey asked people:  Is it cheating if your significant other gets-it-on with a sex doll?  And believe it or not, 59% say YES, that counts as cheating.  The main reason is they feel like their ...

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Charlie Sheen Could Be Headed to Jail

CHARLIE SHEEN has said that ever since he was diagnosed as HIV-positive, he’s been up front with every single one of his sexual partners.  But the “National Enquirer” says that’s not true. They claim to have audiotape of Charlie arguing with a woman he had unprotected sex with, after NOT telling her about his condition. On the tape, the woman ...

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Ronda Rousey Sex Tips

Guys, here’s a sex tip from RONDA ROUSEY:  If you need to use lube, you’re not doing it right.  She says, quote, “In general, a girl takes a minute.  He needs to get her ready.  You should never need lube in your life. “If you need lube, then you’re being lazy . . . and you’re not taking your time.” ...

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