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Woof, WOOF!! Translation: Look Out!!!

Horror movie viewing is a lot better when you’re protected from the bad guys. Khaleesi the Bulldog does just that when she’s watching a scary scene. Crazy, but she can tell when something bad is about to happen and she really doesn’t want to see kids hurt! Pass the popcorn and Woof, WOOF!!  \m/  

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Wine on a Beer Budget?

Okay, there’s another one of those delightful wine walks coming up in New Symrna Beach this Saturday.  It’s a great opportunity to try some really good wine, get a bit of an education and catch a buzz for a reasonable price. (https://www.facebook.com/SouthernStoneEvents) You’ll find it’s easy to spread the day out with lots of shopping.  Yes, window shopping counts!  It’s almost ...

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