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WATCH: Did You Know Chris Farley Was Supposed to Be Shrek?!

  You may not have known this, but CHRIS FARLEY was originally hired to provide the voice of “Shrek”.  And he actually recorded a lot of his dialog before he died in 1997.  But it wasn’t enough. MIKE MYERS was brought in to replace him, the script was re-worked, and the rest is history. Well, a clip of Farley’s dialog ...

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Jon Stewart Had His Final “Daily Show” Last Night And it Was Awesome! Check Out the Highlights HERE!

JON STEWART ended his 16-year run on “The Daily Show” last night, so naturally there were a lot of goodbyes.  Here are some celebrity tributes: Jon’s longtime adversary BILL O’REILLY posted an “appreciation” on Deadline.com.  Among other things, he said, quote, “[Jon is] far more than a comedian dependent upon a squad of jaded writers, [he] actually thinks about things ...

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