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Chrysler Invented a New Car That Takes Selfies For You

It’s super dangerous to take a selfie while you’re driving.  But since we just can’t survive without those photos, maybe this is the answer? Chrysler just created a new car called the Portal that takes selfies FOR YOU.  There’s a camera mounted in the car that automatically takes pictures of everyone inside and sends those pictures to their phones. For ...

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Caitlyn Jenner May Be Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter!

It’s taken six months, but the investigation into CAITLYN JENNER’S fatal car accident is complete, and the findings will be handed over to the D.A. sometime next week.  Of course, at the time of the wreck, Caitlyn was still BRUCE. Detectives say there’s a “50/50” chance Caitlyn will be charged with vehicular manslaughter.  If convicted, a misdemeanor manslaughter charge usually ...

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Airport Run Rocks with New App!!!

Honestly, frequent trips to Orlando International, playing shuttle service is one of my least favorite chores.  Having to deal with the tolls, other drivers, watch for cops and keep the dog from leaping out of the window is expected and tolerable, but losing The Hog to some weird rap sounding station along the way is not acceptable. My latest trip ...

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