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Science wins again?!

Science wins again?!

Scientists out of Finland have discovered a way to accurately predict death and heart attacks through studies of algorithm, much like they do with peoples movie and music habits with Netflix and Spotify.

950 patients were monitored and studied by Doctors and scientists that used 85 different variables when patients complained of chest pains or discomfort. Much like the Netflix algorithm, they used the data they discovered  to “train” the algorithm over 6 years and were able to accurately predict 29 heart attacks and 49 deaths from any cause. That’s pretty incredible. Oh, did we mention they did it with 90% accuracy??

Doctors are saying that these advances are far beyond what has been done in medicine, until now.

They also say they that  have the data, but  are not using it to its full potential yet.

Can you imagine if they do use this information to it’s full potential?!!!