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Likes – Football, Fights, Pizza, Nickelback, Racing, Affliction Wear Dislikes – Green Veggies, Floyd Mayweather Jr Heroes – Walter Payton, Michael Keaton, Robbie Lawler Fave Color – Green (Loud) Fave Beer – Most Motto – Turn it UP!

Born in West Virginia, raised in Ohio, and a graduate of Sprayberry High School in Marietta, GA,

RIGGS has held music-related jobs for most of his life.  He worked at Turtle’s Records from 1983-1993, gathering a wealth of music & artist knowledge.  Upon graduating from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, RIGGS went to work full-time at WNGM Television in Athens. From then it was on, a life of beer, babes & rock-n-roll.  He thought playing rock on the radio would be a better gig than living in a teepee in the woods of Georgia, so to the beach he came, with nothing but a pair of shorts, flip-flops and a beat up Boombox with Metallica’s Greatest Hits.

Listen to Saturday Night Loud every Saturday from 9pm-Midnight.  He’ll crank it to “11” with stuff you’ll never hear during the week on the HOG.  From Buckcherry to Slipknot to Barry Manilow’s greatest hits!

Smart girl…Sounds like FIJI owes her some money!

Just days ago, nobody knew the name Kelleth Cuthbert.  And now, everyone recognizes her as the “Fiji Water Girl”, who photobombed just about every celebrity who walked the red carpet at the “Golden Globes”. And according to marketing experts, Kelleth gave Fiji the equivalent of $12 million in free advertising.  And she wasn’t just lucky.  She knew what she was doing. She says, quote, ... Read More »

Dumb ass of the day

 There’s a family in California that’s going to have to go to Costco and buy out their entire supply of Clorox disinfectant wipes. The Dungan family in Salinas, California was out of town this past weekend, but when they reviewed the security camera outside their front door, they saw something STRANGE went down early on Saturday. A guy spent three ... Read More »

Free beer if you can make Cody Parkeys 43 yd kick….

It’s easy to sit on your couch and mock an athlete like Chicago Bears kicker CODY PARKEY, who wasn’t able to hit a last minute, 43-yard field goal to beat the Philadelphia Eagles. So, Chicago’s Goose Island brewery wants you to put your money where your mouth is, with a new challenge. They’re building a goal post outside their building, and this Saturday, fans can ... Read More »

Here’s why you don’t try to rob a UFC fighter….

There are some parts of Rio de Janeiro where a woman shouldn’t be alone at night.  Unless that woman is a UFC FIGHTER with a 10 and 2 record. On Saturday night, POLYANA VIANA was sitting outside her apartment complex in Rio waiting for an Uber, when a man sat next to her and demanded her phone.  He claimed to have a ... Read More »

Dumb ass of the day

If you can get arrested for having a huge bulge in your pants, I better find myself a lawyer. Some border security agents in Singapore busted a 45-year-old smuggler last week . . . when his bulge started MEOWING. It turned out he was smuggling four KITTENS in his pants . . . and he could be looking at up ... Read More »

NFL has changed Parkeys MISSED field goal to BLOCKED kick.

If you’re a Chicago Bears fan, you’re probably still upset about CODY PARKEY missing the potential game-winning field goal on Sunday. For everyone else, it’s still pretty amazing that he somehow hit both the goalpost AND the crossbar . . . especially since he’s hit the goalpost on five OTHER kicks this season alone, including FOUR times in a single game.  (Here’s video.) Well, maybe there IS ... Read More »

Dumb ass of the day

We wish EVERY attempted kidnapping could turn out like this. On Thursday night, a 46-year-old guy named August Williams tried to kidnap a woman at a strip mall in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He tried to force her into his car, but she ran away, and he followed her. And the woman ran . . . right into a karate studio. ... Read More »

You smoke… you pay. Ya or Nay?

Tallahassee, FL – Bills are being filed in the Florida House and Senate ahead of this year’s legislative session. – LAWMAKER TARGETS SMOKING ON BEACHES A Senate Republican on Wednesday filed a proposal that would make it illegal for people to smoke on public beaches. Sen. Joe Gruters, R-Sarasota, filed the measure (SB 218) for consideration during the legislative session that ... Read More »

Dumbass of the Day

Ormond Beach, FL – A 53-year-old man is charged with aggravated assault on a person 65 or older, aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence. Ormond Beach Police responded to a call from Douglas Fisher’s 81-year-old stepfather on New Years Day, reporting that Fisher was acting erratically and had verbally threatened him and raised ... Read More »