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Red Zeppelin’s Corner:  10 musicians who could run for President

Red Zeppelin’s Corner: 10 musicians who could run for President

With the White House in disarray and a President who’s proven that you don’t have to be a politician to be elected to highest seat in the land, Billboard has compiled a list of 10 artists who could make a run for Commander in Chief.

The list is broken into five with political experience and five without.

Five with experience:

  1. Jello Biafra: “The frontman for punk legends The Dead Kennedys and spoken-word solo artist mounted a largely anarchic campaign for mayor of San Francisco in 1979 (garnering 3.79 percent of the eventual vote) and also was submitted for the Green Party’s presidential nomination in 2000, finishing a distant second to Ralph Nader.”
  2. Martha Reeves: “The powerhouse lead singer of iconic ’60s girl group The Vandellas has yet to make a serious bid for national office but did assume civic responsibility in her Motown hometown later in her career, serving on the Detroit City Council from 2005 to 2009.”
  3. John Hall: “A rare and true pop success story in U.S. politics, John Hall — singer of ’70s group Orleans, who scored a series of major AM radio hits in their day — actually was elected to the House of Representatives a decade ago, serving as a New York representative from 2007 to 2011.”
  4. Kinky Friedman: “The satirical singer-songwriter and country subversive endeavored into the world of politics in the 2000s, drawing the support of entertainer-turned-governor Jesse Ventura, and running for governor of Texas in 2006 on such slogans as ‘How Hard Could It Be?’ and ‘He Ain’t Kinky, He’s My Governor.'”
  5. Joe Walsh: “The Eagles axeman and solo rock star has actually run for president before, in 1980 — though his ‘Free Gas for Everyone’ campaign was hardly the height of seriousness, and as a 33-year-old at the time, he was technically ineligible for the office anyway.”

Five without Experience:

  1. Bruce Springsteen: “When considering musical candidates without political experience, it seems like a good start to narrow the field to outspoken artists with strong personal convictions who are already beloved by a large percentage of Americans.”
  2. Jay-Z: “If the Jiggaman’s felonious roots could be rebranded as simply a shining example of a young man Made in America, then Jay-Z certainly has the financial and cultural weight to spar with our current commander-in-chief.”
  3. Barbra Streisand: “One of Hillary‘s most passionate celeb supporters, and likely to fall under the same unfair ‘New York elite’ boo-hiss branding should she attempt to appeal to Middle America. Still, nobody who’s sold as many records as Barbra…ever did so while appealing to the coastal U.S. alone, and if 2017 politics is all about force of personality, there aren’t a lot of people from any walk of life who can compete with Babs on that front.”
  4. Krist Novoselic: “The Nirvana bassist has dabbled in politics and activism in his decades out of the musical limelight, most recently advocating for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the 2016 presidential election.”
  5. Kanye West: “He already told us he’d be there on the 2020 campaign trail, and whatever criticisms haters could levy against Kanye, insincerity and a lack of ambition were never among them.”