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Red Zeppelin often gets asked about his name.  Here’s the story.
Back in 1977  Led Zeppelin was scheduled to play Tampa Stadium.  Red’s parents were there for the show, but a HUGE Thunderstorm caused the show to be canceled.  Fate would have it, they opted not to make the long overnight drive back to their hometown of Charlotte, NC.  Instead,  Red’s parents decided to book a hotel room for a couple days and enjoy the sights and sounds of Tampa.  9 months later Red was born.  He had a head full of bright red hair, and since mom and dad had only stayed in Tampa for the week because of the canceled Zep show, they thought it fitting to give him that name.  And that’s  the legend of how his name came to be.

Red’s been in radio for 25 years, and used to be a roadie& speaker/sound tech roadie for the Rolling Stones on their Steel Wheels stadium tour in 1989.  He worked as a roadie for Pink Floyd on the Division Bell Tour back in 1993.  He also played thousands of gigs around the southeast as a musician back in the good old days of the 1990s(before the internet)  Sick of lugging speakers and guitar amps everywhere Red opted to leave the roadie and traveling musician biz to sit in front of speakers every day playing rock-n-roll at great radio stations like 102 WFBY Morgantown/Clarksburg, WV, 104.5 The FOX, WGFX, Nashville, TN(no longer a rock station)  and 99.7 The FOX Charlotte, NC.    He made his way to Daytona Beach so he could clean out his closets and simplify his wardrobe to just flip flops, shades , white Jack Black t-shirts and shorts.  He’s on 95.7 The HOG every weeknight from 7pm till Midnight.  Read his musings, observations and general rock & culture 411 in this space every week.

John Mellencamp spotted with Billy Joel’s EX–hmmmmmm

John Mellencamp had himself a night out with Christie Brinkley on Monday in New York. They were spotted entering the Bowery Hotel, where they spent an hour before leaving in a black SUV. Mellencamp’s office has declined comment on whether the two are an item. One interesting sidebar — when Mellencamp was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ...

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The McRib is back!

THE McRIB IS BACK, BUT IT’S GOING TO BE HARDER TO GET Bad news, McRib fans … Your beloved, barbecue sauce-coated mystery meat sandwich is going to be much harder to find this year. McDonald’s usually rolls out the cult-favorite sandwich in the fall, but this year, only 8,000 of the chain’s 14,350 restaurants will be carrying it. That’s roughly ...

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