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People in Philly Ruined an Experiment Involving a Hitch-Hiking Robot and a Cross-Country Trip!

In case you thought Philadelphia was softening up . . . nope.

Two weeks ago, researchers from Ryerson University in Toronto started an experiment to see if a ROBOT could hitchhike across America.  They called it ‘hitchBOT,’ and put it by the side of the road in Boston with a sign saying “San Francisco or Bust!” 

Obviously they hoped different people would take interest, and gradually drive it all the way to California.  It came with a bucket list of places to visit . . . like Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon . . . and could answer simple questions.

And they had good reason to be optimistic . . . it’s already made trips across Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Things started out pretty well too.  The robot made it to Fenway, visited three cities in Massachusetts, hung out on a fishing boat, and got all the way to Times Square. 

Unfortunately it wound up in Philadelphia this weekend, where people DESTROYED it . . . stole the electronics inside . . . and took its HEAD.  The researchers said they’re regrouping and that, quote, “bad things happen to good robots.”