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Neverland Ranch is Having a Tough Time Being Sold…For $100 Million!

This is either a tragedy . . . or, if you believe MICHAEL JACKSON was a child molester . . . a triumph:  Almost all traces of Michael have been stripped from the Neverland Ranch.

A company called Sotheby’s International Realty is trying to sell it for $100 million, and on their website, they make no mention of it ever having belonged to Michael.  In fact, it’s just referred to as the “Sycamore Valley Ranch”.

The online listing does have one very obvious remnant of Michael’s time there.  In a few pictures, you can see that the shrubs forming the word “Neverland” are still there in front of the main house.

But the only history they give of the property is this . . . quote, “The home was designed by Robert Altevers for William Bone in a French Normandy-style and meticulously crafted to perfection in 1982.” 

Michael bought it in 1987.  Shamone.  (???)