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Kid Rock Isn’t Getting Rid of His Confederate Flag Anytime Soon

KID ROCK and the Confederate flag.  Can you even think of one without the other?

Well, fans and activists have been urging him to stop using it . . . and some are even protesting outside the Detroit Historical Museum, which features a Kid Rock exhibit.  I think you can probably guess how he feels about that.

In a statement to Megyn Kelly of Fox News, he had this to say:  Quote, “Please tell the people who are protesting, to kiss my . . . ask me some questions.”

He didn’t elaborate, but back in 2012, he had this to say about the flag:  Quote, “I’ve never flown that flag with any hate in my heart.  Not one ounce.”

To drive his point home, Kid has teamed up with TED NUGENT to write and record a new song called “Kiss My Rebel Ass”.  It’ll be released on Friday.

(Here’s video of Megyn reading the statement.  Skip to the 2:38 mark.  His comment is read at the 4:10 mark.)