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Investigators Looking Into Possible Ormond Arson Case

Investigators Looking Into Possible Ormond Arson Case

Ormond Beach Fire Department responding to 390 Muddy Creek Lane after fire breaks out inside the home (Ormond Beach Professional Firefighters)

Ormond Beach, FL – Investigators are looking into a fire at an Ormond Beach home which may have been intentionally set.

The city’s police department and the Florida Fire Marshal’s Office have taken over the case following yesterday morning’s (March 13th) fire in the gated Tymber Creek community.

According to the OBPD incident report, two painters working on a home across the street spotted “a large amount of” smoke coming out of 390 Muddy Creek Lane around 10:15 a.m. and went to check it out.

One of those painters called 911 after spotting flames inside the home as well as a large “aggressive” dog trapped inside which he claims nearly bit him.

OBFD units showed up minutes later and managed to free the German Shepherd before finding the 47-year-old woman who owns the home – Jennifer Dennison – locked inside a small closet in the master bedroom.

Paramedics took Dennison to a nearby hospital soon afterward, according to the OBFD union Facebook page.

The incident report shows that OBFD investigators found “several” small fires inside the home, leading them to think it could be an arson case. Other relevant information in the report was redacted by OBPD.

Ormond Beach Animal Control turned the dog over to the Halifax Humane Society after chasing it down in the backyard.

OBPD officials say the home has been the location for nearly 40 police calls since July 2016, including one on February 19th after getting reports that Dennison’s two school-aged children hadn’t been at school for a week.

Jennifer Dennison
(Volusia County Jail)

According to the arrest report in that case, Dennison wouldn’t open the front door for around 25 minutes after OBPD officers arrived once she and one of her kids made eye contact with them.

Once she did, the dog lunged at the police officers and had to be forced back inside, though Dennison did attempt to keep the dog under control, per the report. It also shows that the dog did bite an Ormond Beach Animal Control officer in the hand and stomach after attempting to take it from the home.

Dennison was eventually arrested on seven counts that day, including five separate ones of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and two counts of resisting an officer. She left Volusia County Jail a week later after posting $10,000 bond.

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