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Dumb ass of the day.

Dumb ass of the day.

“Yo mama” jokes have been around since long before we were kids, so I’m pretty sure they’re not going anywhere.  In other words . . . this woman probably could’ve waited another hour or so before she researched them.


There’s a 39-year-old woman named Brenda Carsten, and she’s a school bus driver in Blaine, Minnesota.

And back on February 6th, while she was driving a bunch of kids to school, she was on her cell phone . . . looking up “yo mama” jokes.  At one point she even had a kid come up and read the jokes over the intercom.

Anyway, a parent complained, and when the school reviewed the bus’s video footage from that day, they saw kids running all over the bus while it was moving and Brenda swerving in and out of lanes and onto the shoulder.

So she was just arrested on 15 counts of child endangerment and reckless driving.