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DUHmb ass of the day

DUHmb ass of the day

Who would’ve thought that a cop hiring two prostitutes off Instagram might not turn out great?

There’s a cop from Boston who got himself into a lot of trouble after he made some very questionable choices on Friday night.  (His name hasn’t been released.)

That night, he went out in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and hired two prostitutes he found on Instagram.  They are 22-year-old Melissa Dacier and 25-year-old Neish Rivera.

Well . . . they went to a bunch of bars and a strip club, and then back to his hotel room.  And at some point they stole his service weapon.  It was a black, .40-caliber Glock 22 semi-automatic, and they ran off with it.

The women anonymously dropped the gun off at a fire station in Providence, Rhode Island the next day.  But the cops in Rhode Island tracked down both women and arrested them for prostitution.

The Boston cop isn’t facing any charges yet, but he’s been put on paid leave while the department investigates.

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