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Donald Trump Doesn’t Want to be Played By a GOOD Actor…Just a Handsome Actor…

DONALD TRUMP gave a comprehensive interview to the “Hollywood Reporter” . . . and naturally there are some GREAT quotes.  Here are the highlights:

Trump denied that he’s incapable of apologizing, but he admits it doesn’t happen often . . . quote, “People say, ‘He won’t apologize for anything’ . . . I [do] believe in apologizing, but for me [it’s] very difficult.

“I definitely would apologize if I were wrong on something.”

When asked about his last apology, he said, quote, “It was too many years ago to remember.  I have one of the great memories of ALL TIME, but it was too long ago.”  (You’ve gotta love how he can ALWAYS find a way to brag about himself.)

Trump was also asked who should play him in the inevitable HBO movie about his presidential run, and he said, quote, “Somebody really, really handsome.  That’s the only thing that matters.  I don’t care if he can act well.  He’s got to be really, really good-looking.  OK?”

It’s interesting that Trump wouldn’t want someone COMPETENT to play him . . . that he’d want to be played by a man who’s all flash and no substance.

When asked about HILLARY CLINTON, he didn’t seem too concerned, because he thinks she’ll end up behind bars.

Quote, “Hillary has problems far greater than the nomination . . . the emails [scandal], it’s a fraud if you think about it.  This looks like Watergate on steroids, frankly.  Watergate was about the cover-up more than the act.

“This could go on for years.  You can’t have a nominee who is under investigation.  What are they going to do, run and then two nights before the presidential race she gets indicted?

General Petraeus did 5% of what she did [and] his life has been destroyed.  And it goes up to 20 years in prison.  It’s from one to 20 years for what she did.”

And here’s what he had to say about his campaign being “the greatest gift to late-night TV hosts” . . . quote, “I’m not insulted.  I don’t know if I would’ve been as good about it 10 or 15 years ago.  I think I took myself maybe more seriously in a way.”

(HollywoodReporter.com has the whole interview.)