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Do you need permission?

Do you need permission?

Thinking of making a purchase on the ole credit card?  What do you need permission in a relationship for and what DON’T you need permission for? Obviously, purchasing a vehicle or boat is high on the NEED permission for. What could you get away with?

A haircut? It is a major change, but it grows back! Now, what about a T.V. A couch, an new bed? It may depend on your relationship and money situation, but should those things require permission?

Guy says he plays it safe and asks permission for any purchase over $100, but doesn’t care about what his wife buys. She is WAY better with money management so he trusts they have the cash for it.

Riggs recently purchased a $200 T.V. without asking his wife. In his defense, it was originally $500.


Do these rules change when it comes to gifts?