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DeLand Dog Rescued After Crawling Under Dashboard

DeLand Dog Rescued After Crawling Under Dashboard

DeLand, FL – A small dog rescued from a shelter over the weekend needed a different kind of rescue soon afterward.

Workers with Volusia County Animal Control and the county’s Fire Rescue responded on Monday (March 11th) to pull an adult male Chihuahua from underneath the dashboard of a running vehicle.

The Chihuahua was running loose when a passing motorist stopped to try and pick the dog up, according to Volusia County spokesperson Kevin Captain.

“Unfortunately, the frightened animal jumped into her vehicle and crawled up under the dashboard, becoming wedged behind the dashboard controls and the vehicle’s engine firewall,” Captain noted. “It was hot due to the heat from the car engine.”

The driver called for help at that point and it wasn’t long when two Animal Control officers pulled the dog free, according to Captain.

“[The] officers worked together to gain access and coax the heavily panting dog to get close enough for them to grasp it safely,” Captain stated. “The dog was overheated and scared and had to be hydrated.”

The dog’s owner – who lived nearby – had rescued him from a shelter the day before. She was reunited with her new pet soon afterward, per Captain.

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Source:: News Daytona Beach