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I started my radio career in Ocala back in 1989. From there I went to Orlando for 17 years and then up to Jacksonville for 5. I love cranking the tunes here on The Hog, weekdays 10-3pm. I play guitar and love hanging at the beach with my beautiful wife and two children. I’m into concerts, football, NASCAR, hockey, fgolf and riding motorcycles any chance I get. I pull for #24 and #48 in NASCAR,  the Canadiens and Lightning in hockey, the Bucs, Jags and Noles in Football and Phil and Adam when golfs on TV.  See you at the next concert! I love to personalize my endorsements with real life experiences, always keeping the listener and clients best interest in mind.  I’ve been endorsing national and local clients on an annual basis my whole career.

Updates on the Passing of Gary Shandling

The day before GARRY SHANDLING died, he called a doctor to his house because he wasn’t feeling well.  That doctor called Garry a half hour before he died to check up on him.  When Garry told him he still wasn’t feeling well, the doctor told him to get to the hospital.  (Full Story) Read More »

Did Ted Cruz Lift a Line from ‘The American President’ Movie?

TED CRUZ claims he can quote every line from “The Princess Bride”, but that might not be the only movie he has memorized.  Because yesterday he attacked DONALD TRUMP with a line from the MICHAEL DOUGLAS movie “The American President”. It all started when a Super PAC used an old nude photo of MELANIA TRUMP from the British edition of ... Read More »

‘Sharknado 4’ Has Now Cast Gary Busey as Tara Reid’s Father

“Sharknado 4” is on the way whether you want it or not, and yesterday, SyFy announced that GARY BUSEY is joining the cast as the father of TARA REID’S character April.  He’s apparently a top robot scientist and engineer. Other new cast members include:  Tommy Davidson from “In Living Color”, fat-shaming model Cheryl Tiegs, and Cody Linley from “Hannah Montana”.  Syfy ... Read More »

Is Michael Jordan Jimmy Butler’s Long Lost Father?!

There’s been some talk in the past about how MICHAEL JORDAN had an illegitimate son.  No one knows who he is.  So wouldn’t it be amusing if he turned out to be an NBA player . . . or even, a Chicago Bulls player? The site TerezOwens.com is floating a theory that Bulls star JIMMY BUTLER is Michael’s son.  They ... Read More »

Nominate: a local Volusia/Flagler hero for the 95.7 The HOG Hometown Heroes

Do you have a local hero right next door that hasn’t gotten the recognition that he or she deserves? Someone who makes a real difference in the neighborhood where they live? 95.7 The HOG and Geico want to recognize the unsung heroes in our community through Hometown Heroes! We’ll recognize a citizen in our local community each Friday morning with  Crash & Burns ... Read More »

One of Bill Cosby’s Accusers Has Released a Rap Song…Seriously

You know this BILL COSBY thing is getting serious when one of his accusers cuts a DIS TRACK.  I wish I was kidding. 25-year-old CHLOE GOINS says Bill assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008, but the Los Angeles D.A. recently decided NOT to pursue charges.  So Chloe’s taking her revenge to the STREETS.  (???) The song is called ... Read More »

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Have Been Announced

Chicago, Deep Purple, N.W.A, Steve Miller, and Cheap Trick are getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This was the first year Chicago, Steve Miller, and Cheap Trick were on the ballot, but they’ve all been eligible for years.  Deep Purple and N.W.A had been nominated before. The induction ceremony takes place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn ... Read More »