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Did Mike Ditka Fart on National Television Last Night?!

People online were laughing at Mike Ditka last night, because it looked like he BROKE WIND during “Monday Night Countdown” . . . ESPN’s pregame show for Monday Night Football.  (But it was another host off-camera expressing disgust, when Chris Carter picked the Giants to win.  Unfortunately Ditka shifted in his chair right at the same time, so it looked like he was ...

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Lamar Odom Has Started Physical Therapy and is Doing Much Better

It looks like LAMAR ODOM will recover from his near-death experience.  But it still hasn’t been determined how much lasting damage he did to himself. He’s improving every day, but he’s still on dialysis.  And while he can move his arms and legs, he can’t stand up yet, even with assistance.  His brain function is good, but he’s mostly communicating ...

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Eddie Murphy Returned to the Stage and Took On Bill Cosby

When EDDIE MURPHY did the “Saturday Night Live” 40th anniversary special earlier this year, NORM MACDONALD had written a BILL COSBY sketch especially for him. But Eddie refused to do it.  And just last week, he explained that while the sketch was hilarious, he didn’t want to “kick a man while he’s down.”  He added that telling jokes about the ...

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Def Leppard teaming up with Tesla & Styx & coming to Orlando!

Def Leppard have announced that they will be once again teaming up with Styx and Tesla for a North American tour early next year. The band has also revealed the second song from their forthcoming album. The band premiered the song “Dangerous” via Billboard. They had previously released the song “Let’s Go”. Both tracks are featured on their new self-titled ...

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