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NCAA Schedule

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/page/ncaatournament/2017-ncaa-tournament-schedule-key-dates Read More »

Mans porn Collection… KILLS him

A 50-year-old guy in Japan hadn’t paid his rent in a while.  So his landlord recently went to his apartment, and couldn’t find him.  But he DID find his insane PORN collection.   Every room was filled with piles of dirty magazines.  So he was a hoarder, but JUST with pornography. The landlord probably figured he skipped out on rent.  ... Read More »

They Called the Wrong Best Picture Winner at the Oscars

The “Oscars” were an agonizing three hours and 45 minutes long . . . and the only truly interesting part happened at around the three hour and 42 minute mark. It was when WARREN BEATTY and FAYE DUNAWAY announced the winner for Best Picture.  The WRONG winner.  They said it was “La La Land”, and everybody came up and started ... Read More »

Having Our Phones Taken Away Gives Us the Same Symptoms as PTSD?

I’m not sure we needed another study to prove just how addicted we are to our phones, but this one sure puts that addiction into a new perspective.     A study out of Hungary just found that when people between 18 and 26 had their phones taken away, they started showing the same symptoms as people with PTSD.   ... Read More »

Would You Not Date Someone Because They Had an Android Phone?

Our phones are basically our best friends and the most important thing in our lives.  So I guess it makes sense that phone compatibility is a big element of relationship compatibility.     According to a new survey, people with Androids are 15 TIMES less likely to be attracted to someone with an iPhone than someone else with an Android. ... Read More »

Webster has new words in their arsenal….

Apparently TMZ is now driving the English language.  Merriam-Webster just announced a bunch of new words they’re adding to the dictionary, and the ones that stand out are STRAIGHT out of gossip blogs.  Here are some highlights . . .     1.  Throw shade.  “To express contempt or disrespect for someone publicly, especially by subtle or indirect insults or ... Read More »

(NC-17) Does Getting-It-On With a Sex Doll Count as Cheating?

Can you cheat on someone with an inanimate object?  Okay . . . what if the inanimate object is really hot?     A new survey asked people:  Is it cheating if your significant other gets-it-on with a sex doll?  And believe it or not, 59% say YES, that counts as cheating.  The main reason is they feel like their ... Read More »