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Six “Would You Rather” Questions About Food and Sex

We saw a survey online with a bunch of “would you rather” questions about food and SEX.  And it’s pretty amazing how divided people are on some of these.  Here are the six best questions . . .     1.  Would you rather never be able to pleasure yourself again, or never eat PIZZA again?  52% would rather give ...

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Two Reasons You’re Always Running Late

We all know at least one person who’s consistently late to stuff.  Like if they say they’ll be there at 8:30, you know they’ll show up at 8:45 or 9:00.  Here are three reasons it happens even when you try as hard as possible NOT to be late . . . The FIRST possible reason is you’re multitasking too much.  ...

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A Woman Is Suing IHOP After She Found a Condom in Her French Toast

  Breaking News:  Someone ate something gross at IHOP. A woman named Demetria Hannah went to an IHOP in Homewood, Alabama back in February and she wound up choking on a CONDOM in her French toast.  So she just filed a lawsuit for negligence . . . but she didn’t specify how much she’s looking for. A representative from IHOP ...

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