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A Great Way to Lose Weight Is Not Getting Out of Bed All Weekend?

A Great Way to Lose Weight Is Not Getting Out of Bed All Weekend? This pretty much sounds like the American dream:  A new study found that having the LAZIEST POSSIBLE WEEKEND is the key to losing weight. Researchers found that people who spent the weekend catching up on sleep had lower BMIs than people who woke up at their ...

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7 Ways to be “Cool” on social media

Someone had a bunch of teenagers explain how to be “cool” on social media.  Here are seven rules to follow . . . and none them are about Facebook, because teens just don’t care.  Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are where it’s at. 1.  Pay attention to your “following” to “followers” ratio.  You should have at least twice as many followers.  ...

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$1000.00 Thursday’s are here on the HOG!

Listen to HOG Thursdays (June 2 thru June 22, 2017) for the Thousand dollar keywords in the 7am, noon and 5pm hours-TEXT the keyword back to us at 68683 and you might be a winner of a thousand bucks to pay your bills, take a vacation or whatever you like. There’s a $1000.00 local winner every Thursday June 2 thru ...

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Hash browns recalled…..because of Golf Balls?

If you cook up the frozen hash browns in your freezer, be careful . . . the little white chunks mixed in might not be onions. Two of the biggest brands of frozen hash browns have just been recalled . . . because they contain pieces of GOLF BALLS. McCain Foods USA just recalled Roundy’s and Harris Teeter hash browns ...

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