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Are you cheap or frugal?

Even though they’re really closely related, there’s a WORLD of difference between being cheap . . . and being frugal.  Cheap is bad.  Frugal is admirable. And a new survey asked people if a bunch of different things you can do to save money fall on the cheap side of the line, or the frugal side.  Here are the results ... Read More »

Dumb asses of the day.

Now THIS is a Father’s Day celebration:  Committin’ crimes and cheating at a video game that was briefly popular 23 months ago. A 71-year-old guy named Robert Matteuzzi and his 31-year-old son Angelo were playing “Pokemon Go” at a park in Kirkwood, Missouri on Monday. And they got into an argument with another guy who was playing when he accused them of ... Read More »

Taken out by a hot dog!

  Phillies fan injured by Phanatic’s flying hot dog PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. (WPVI) — Kathy McVay of Plymouth Meeting learned the hard way that a hot dog can hurt. “It just came out of nowhere. And hard,” she said. On Monday night, McVay was at the Phillies-Cardinals game at Citizens Bank Park. She was seated behind home plate when the ... Read More »

Rock Real Estate

Rock Real Estate brought to you by Aquatic Spas of Florida. Identify this celebrity home by the clues we give and you WIN! 386-866-0957 The Morning Hog on 95.7 The Hog 6-10 am. Clue: This Chicken has no Shoes on   Read More »

Dumb ass of the Day.

This guy may be in trouble for a lot of things, but false advertising definitely isn’t one of ’em. A 24-year-old guy named Michael Vines crashed his Toyota Camry into a pole in Greenville, South Carolina on Saturday.  And Michael has a giant GUN tattoo on his forehead. Well . . . Michael’s not allowed to have guns, because he’s ... Read More »

BRAIN BASH every day at 8:30am!

It’s that time again! BRAIN BASH. Take on Guy the Producer or Intern Steve. 5 questions stand between you and either one of them. If you score more points, YOU WIN!!!!! Every day at 8:30am right here on The Morning Hog on 95.7 The Hog 6-10 am! 386-866-0957 Read More »

Which states drink the most beer?

America loves beer. We reportedly drink nearly 7 billion gallons of the stuff annually. How and where we consume, however, varies significantly by state. To get to the bottom of this phenomenon, VinePair culled data from 24/7 Wall St. to see what states drink the most beer. We spent hours poring over the results. Full story here. Read More »

Standing ovation is in order!

If you’ve ever found yourself going INSANE because someone in front of you was driving too slowly in the left lane, this story’s for you!!!! A state police trooper in Indiana was on Interstate 65, about 35 miles south of Indianapolis, on Saturday when he noticed a huge backup in the left lane. And he realized it was because a ... Read More »