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DO NOT try this at home…. Clever…but also stupid.

There’s a fine line between being Q from “James Bond” and being a petty criminal. There’s a 70-year-old guy named Robert Davis from Key Largo, Florida. And he installed remote-controlled black SHIELDS that he could roll down over the license plates on his minivan . . . so he wouldn’t have to pay tolls when he went past toll cameras. And Robert ... Read More »

Dumb ass of the day

  There’s a 51-year-old woman named Melissa Dodd, and earlier this month, she was at Illusions Gentlemen’s Club in Nixa, Missouri.  And when she left there around 1:00 A.M. she was probably drunk. We say she was probably drunk because there were a bunch of open containers of alcohol in her car . . . and because she drove for ... Read More »

Metallica is releasing a live acoustic album in February!

 METALLICA is releasing a live acoustic album on vinyl on February 9th.  It’s called “Helping Hands . . . Live & Acoustic at the Masonic”, and it’s a DOUBLE album.  It’ll also be available on digital and streaming platforms.     The album was recorded at a charity event earlier this month, and it’ll feature several cover songs, including:     “When ... Read More »

Smart ass of the day

There’s a guy named Jason Stiber in Westport, Connecticut, and he says he’s, quote, “going to trial for justice.”  But . . . um . . . it’s not exactly the kind of justice that’s going to change the world. Back on April 11th, around 6:00 A.M., Jason was pulled over for distracted driving.  The cop said he saw Jason ... Read More »

Things that annoy you at work.

Are you annoying people at work without even realizing it?  See if you have any of these bad work habits . . .   1.  Eating smelly food at your desk.  Some of the worst offenders are hard-boiled eggs, broccoli, tuna, and seafood in general.   2.  Asking too many questions.  Asking questions is fine.  Just try not to ask ... Read More »

Arby’s Is Testing Beer Can Chicken Made with Miller High Life

What happens when America’s classiest fast food chain teams up with America’s classiest beer?  Magic.  Arby’s just started testing a new BEER CAN CHICKEN sandwich.  And the chicken is marinated with . . . Miller High Life. Then it’s piled on a sandwich with bacon, onion straws, and cheese.  And you can also get smoked ham and a fried chicken ... Read More »

Dumb ass of the day.

This might actually be THE worst possible way to try to get out of an unhappy marriage.  THE worst. There’s a 48-year-old guy named Antonio Burgos from Portland, Oregon.  And his wife moved here from El Salvador to be with him. But they’d been having trouble, and back in June, they were trying to get a divorce. So Antonio came ... Read More »

Would YOU return 7.5 mil?

“Storage Wars” star DAN DOTSON recently sold off a storage unit for $500 . . . and later found out that it had $7.5 million in it.  (!!!) The money was inside a safe.  It’s not clear whether Dotson knew the safe was in there, or why he didn’t try to open it himself.  But the new owner did, and found the cash. But ... Read More »