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If You Eat 155 Fun Size Snickers Today, You Will Die

It’s two days after Halloween, and unless you let your kids run wild, that means there’s still a giant pile of candy in your house.  Which begs the question:  Should you eat it ALL? Well . . . as much as I hate to stand in the way of that plan, you probably shouldn’t.  Or you will die. According to ...

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Crash Sports: Jags Sauce Starting to Taste Good!

So I’m driving home from the Jags game with my son but there’s something different about this drive: I looked at my son…he’s upbeat…talking about all of the highlights….on defense?!  Then I turned up 1010XL and heard the fellas talking about the same thing. They talked about how the JAGUARS DEFENSE kept us in the game.  The host started reading the box score confirming ...

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