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Unspoken bedroom “Rules”

We all know there are “unspoken rules” in the bedroom. We want to hear yours. We could tell you ours, but we’re not as creative as you. Call us 386-866-0957. Let us know your Bedroom rules!

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Hookin up at the company Christmas party?

Getting with someone at the office Christmas party is a massive cliche. Sometimes it happens after a year-long campaign to get the bloke in the canteen to notice you. Sometimes, you’ve literally never seen them before until they whisper something drunkenly inappropriate in your ear while the CEO gives his annual speech. Either way, almost half of office workers end up getting ...

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Sexiest man on the Morning show???

We noticed Blake Shelton was named “Sexiest man Alive”….but we have to STRONGLY  disagree. So the fellas on the Morning Hog have decided to submit their very own “sexiest pictures”.  Vote and comment on each picture and let America know, who the “Sexiest man on the Morning hog” is!!   Click here to vote

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