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You’ve probably heard of pheromones . . . they’re the chemicals we sweat out, and they’re a big part of what makes different people attracted to us. So this is taking it to the next level . . . now, there are PHEROMONE PARTIES. Before you go to one, you’re supposed to wear a shirt for a few days to ... Read More »

What app do you hate , but can’t quit.

We never really thought We were “addicted” to any apps until I spotted this discussion online . . . and we realized we totally are….  And that’s not a great feeling. People on Gizmodo.com are sharing the apps they HATE . . . but they just can’t quit.  And believe it or not, it’s not JUST social networks, although those ... Read More »

Which class do you wish you gave more attention to?

What class in high school did you slack off in, and now you WISH you hadn’t?  A new survey asked people to name the #1 subject they wish they’d paid more attention to.  And MATH took the top spot. Here are the top eight subjects we wish we’d tried a little harder at . . .   1.  Math.  31% ... Read More »

Is it okay to “Un-invite” someone yo your wedding?

On the scale of painfully awkward conversations, this is RIGHT up near the top. A new survey asked people if it’s okay to UN-INVITE someone from your wedding.  And believe it or not, the majority of people say YES it’s acceptable. 53% say you can un-invite someone if you have a good reason and 8% say you can un-invite someone ... Read More »

Here’s how you can save money on “Back to school” supplies

It’s August, which means it’s time to start thinking about back-to-school shopping.  So if you’ve got kids, here are five tips to save you some money . . .   1.  Shop on tax-free holidays.  Fourteen states are having sales tax holidays this month, where you can purchase certain back-to-school items without paying sales tax.  (Check out whether your state participates here.) ... Read More »

Jury duty excuses.

7% of People Have Lied to Get Out of Jury Duty   Everyone who’s ever gotten called for jury duty has had that moment where they think about LYING to get out of it.  “Sorry your honor, I can’t serve on this jury, the voices in my head are going out to Chili’s tomorrow.” But according to a new survey, ... Read More »

Rock Real Estate.

Rock Real Estate is a little game e play where we give you clues about which celebrity owns the home we show. If you guess correctly, YOU WIN! Rock real Estate is brought to you by Aquatic Spas of Florida.  Read More »

How do you pronounce these different foods?

And there any words you pronounce differently than other people,?  Maybe because of where you grew up, or how your parents said them? Someone took a bunch of FOOD words people say differently, and did a poll to find out who’s in the majority . . . Do you say PEE-can . . . or peh-CAHN? The Result:  62% say peh-CAHN. ... Read More »

Dumb asses of the day

Well this is just about the WORST way to celebrate the end of Shark Week.   Two men and a woman went to the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas on Saturday afternoon . . . and they grabbed a three-foot horn shark out of its tank. Then they swaddled it in a blanket like a baby . . . put ... Read More »

Natty Light is trying to hook you up with a job!

If this marketing stunt works, it might just mark the first time that NATTY LIGHT has ever helped someone GET a job. Natural Light beer is holding a contest right now where anyone can submit their resume . . . and if they pick you, they’ll paint your resume on the side of a car that will run in NASCAR’s ... Read More »