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The Morning Hog’s Brew Review

The Morning Hog's Brew Review

DATE: 4/20/18 Featured Brew: Tomoka Brewing Company’s Hazy Sunrise, Oceanside IPA, and Grape Florida Wiesse tomokabrewingco.com Part 1 Part 2 The Morning Hog’s Brew Review is sponsored by S. R. Perrott Inc. Every Friday, The Morning Hog crew, Riggs & Guy, will host our friends from S. R. Perrott and feature one of the many beer, wine, and spirits that ...

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Technology…. Here we go again

If you’ve read any sort of science fiction, it’s likely you’ve heard about subvocalization, the practice of silently saying words in your head. It’s common when we read (though it does slow you down), but it’s only recently begun to be used as a way to interact with our computers and mobile devices. To that end, MIT researchers have created a device you wear ...

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Chinese Satellite crashing down and headed our way!

While nobody can be certain where exactly the disintegrating satellite may literally fall from the sky — with pieces weighing up to 220 pounds expected to make it to the Earth’s surface — the satellite’s fate has long been sealed. And even if you miss this one, scientists say there’s plenty more to come in the junk-strewn skies of Earth’s near orbit. more ...

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Do you know you limit?

We want to know how you know you have reached your limit while drinking? Do you get an odd taste in your mouth, does your body try to reject the alcohol you’re trying to put into it? Guy says his body wont let him drink anymore. He says it starts to taste bad. How about you? 386-866-0957

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FL is officiall the most sinful State…

Once again, WalletHub confirmed a widespread suspicion about Florida — we’re the best at being bad. Not being bad at driving, although we are that. But bad at the basic seven deadly sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. Taken as a group, Florida bested closest competitors California, Nevada, Texas and Georgia as The Most Sinful State in the Union. More ...

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