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Does smoking the devils lettuce improve your game in the bedroom?

Feelings we commonly associate with being stoned are giggliness and a sense of calm.  And although it’s not often talked about, loads of people also report getting horny as hell after smoking weed. It’s a very welcome side effect for most, but there is some debate over whether it actually helps or hinders your sex life. After all, whether it’s ...

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Where’s the most odd place that you’ve ever had or found a one nighter?

We thought that finding a one night stand these days meant going on Tinder, or drunk dialing someone you once met in a bar. But according to research from SaucyDates.com, we were wrong. The research, which surveyed 10,121 people found that online dating was definitely not the only way to find someone for no-strings attached sex. Unsurprisingly the top location to ...

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What foods are BETTER the next day

With Thanksgiving RIGHT around the corner, a GREAT question came up. What food is better the second day? Do you make turkey sandwiches? We want your favorite recipes. Call or comment on our facebook post. 386-866-0957

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