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Did someone lose a bet?

Of Course I Still Love You… is the east coast autonomous spaceport droneship (ASDS). Based out of Port Canaveral, Florida the droneship is a modified barge outfitted with a large landing platform, station-keeping thrusters and other equipment to allow SpaceX to land boosters at sea on high-velocity missions that don’t carry enough fuel to allow for a return-to-launch-site landing. This thing ... Read More »

Are you SURE this is a good idea?

Discovery Channel will the air a two hour special called Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live. Host Josh Gates told Here and Now he isn’t sure what he will find upon opening the stone lid — but is expecting human remains. He said: ”Kind of the beauty of this is, I don’t know and I think that’s the fun of it.” Full ... Read More »

Heads up. New school bell schedule.

Volusia County Schools Adopts New Bell Schedule Patrick Murphy March 29, 2019 WNDB News DeLand, FL – Parents, students, faculty and staff now have about 100 days to get familiar with a brand new bell schedule. Earlier last night (March 28th), the Volusia County School Board voted to adopt a brand new bell schedule that allows extra instructional time and will hopefully ... Read More »