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Are you supposed to eat burgers “upside down”?

This is blowing my mind . . . but also making me weirdly ANGRY for some reason. There’s a tweet that’s going viral right now from Business Insider’s food website, Food Insider. They say we’ve been eating burgers WRONG for our whole lives . . . and we’re supposed to eat them UPSIDE-DOWN. The theory is that the top bun is bigger ... Read More »

Christmas decorations were realistic enough to get the cops called

There’s a famous scene in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” where Clark Griswold is putting up Christmas decorations, he slips on some ice on the roof, and winds up hanging from the gutter. Well . . . the Heerlein family in Austin, Texas decided to recreate that scene for their Christmas decorations this year.  So they got a dummy, dressed him up like Chevy ... Read More »

Christmas music is officially offensive?

Over the last few years, there’s been a sentiment building that the Christmas classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside”gives off a slightly uncomfortable vibe. Where it used to be considered cute and flirty, now people are starting to see it as a song about a guy who simply won’t take no for an answer.  There are those who even see an element ... Read More »

Dumb ass of the day

If this guy had just used Uber to begin with, he wouldn’t have made national news for being a moron . . .     40-year-old Travis Howard got a DUI on Saturday after he rear-ended another car at a stoplight near Fort Myers, Florida. When cops asked how it happened, he couldn’t remember.  Then he refused a breathalyzer . ... Read More »

Starbucks is banning you from getting your jollies in their stores….

You’ve got to be a next-level pervert if you watch PORN while you’re sitting in the middle of a public coffee shop.  But apparently it’s something that happens A LOT. Because Starbucks just announced they’re going to start blocking people from using their free WiFi to watch porn in their stores. They say they’ve always WANTED to do that, but ... Read More »

Top 5 most stolen items from work places.

Do you ever treat the supply closet at your job like it’s a store where everything’s FREE?  A new survey asked people if they’ve ever stolen stuff from work.  Here are the five most common items we steal . . .   1.  Pens and pencils.  38% of us have stolen them from work before. 2.  Note pads and other ... Read More »

Half trees are the new Christmas trend?

Last year, UPSIDE-DOWN Christmas trees you hang from the ceiling went viral.  People liked them because they kept pets and toddlers from attacking Christmas trees.  Plus they looked super weird, so that’s cool.   Well this year, there’s a NEW super weird-looking solution in the battle to keep Christmas trees safe.  There’s a company that’s selling HALF Christmas trees.   ... Read More »