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Trick-or-treat…..go to jail

There’s really nothing more obnoxious than a bunch of high school kids trick-or-treating on Halloween . . . I get that.  But this still seems like an extreme way to stop them. There are a handful of towns where kids over 12 who go trick-or-treating can actually get ARRESTED. One of those towns is Chesapeake, Virginia.  They’ve got a statute ... Read More »

The Morning Hog Breakfast Break in!

We want to bring YOU and your co-workers breakfast once a week. All you have to do is comment with where you work and why we should bring you breakfast. Who doesn’t like to get to work and Immediately take a break? We want to be the reason your boss has to give you a brief time out! Plus, we ... Read More »

Dumb ass of the day

Well this doesn’t seem like an extreme overreaction or anything. There’s a 31-year-old guy in Louisville, Kentucky named Alex Probus.  And on Saturday night, he BURNED DOWN his own HOUSE. Why?  When the cops got there, he told them he was trying to, quote, “get rid of memories.” We’re not sure what memories those were, but apparently it was his ... Read More »

Does NASA really have a cloud machine?

We ran across this video and it seems pretty convincing. Do you think NASA has these capabilities? Do you think they are controlling the weather and if they are, do you think it could be used to move hurricanes? 386-866-0957 Read More »

New Halloween trend is painting your butt…

So you think your “naughty scientist” or “erotic squirrel” Halloween costume is sexy?  Bad news:  The stakes have been RAISED. Apparently, there’s a very Not Safe For Work social media trend right now where people are painting their bare butts to look like JACK-O-LANTERNS. Or, more likely, they’re having someone else do the painting . . . since it’d be ... Read More »

Old Bill wants out!

Bill Cosby’s lawyers have asked a Pennsylvania court to overturn the actor’s conviction and three- to 10-year prison sentence because of what they call a string of errors in his sex assault case. The defense motion argued that trial Judge Steven O’Neill erred in declaring Cosby a sexually violent predator who must be imprisoned to protect the community. Lawyers called the sentence ... Read More »

Dumb ass of the day

Never underestimate the power of vanity on the social media generation.   There’s a 20-year-old guy named Ahmad Ibrahim from Randall County, in northern Texas. And last week, the sheriff’s department posted his old mugshot on Facebook because he was wanted for drug possession, which was a probation violation. And HE actually left a comment on their post saying, quote, “Why couldn’t ya’ll get ... Read More »

Hey, Mr. post man……

I’d really love to know what was going through this guy’s head when he decided to quit his job in such an EPIC way. A U.S. postal worker was on his route in Pennsauken, New Jersey last month when, apparently, he decided to QUIT right in the middle of his shift. So . . . he dumped a bunch of ... Read More »

Dumb ass of the day.

If this had happened on Halloween, it might make sense because of all the costumes.  Instead, it’s just the ramblings of a drugged-up idiot . . . A guy in West Monroe, Louisiana named Michael Auttonberry called the cops the other day and claimed someone attacked him with an AXE. He said they “stabbed” him in the head with it.  ... Read More »

Tips for finding the perfect pumpkin

If you’re hitting up a pumpkin patch this weekend, here are five tips on how to choose the perfect pumpkin . . .   1.  Check the pumpkins for soft spots and signs of mold.  Don’t forget to check underneath, and press on it with your thumbs.  If it gives a little, the pumpkin isn’t fresh. 2.  Pumpkins continue to ... Read More »