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  • Dumb ass of the day.

    Dumb ass of the day.

    We’re not sure if there’s a better example of “adding insult to injury” than...

  • Rock Real Estate.

    Rock Real Estate.

    Identify the celebrity home by the clues we give and you WIN! Rock Real Estate brought to you by Aqu...

  • Bacon makes you crazy?

    Bacon makes you crazy?

     If eating a ton of BACON and HOT DOGS makes a person go crazy, then reserve me a spot at an asylum ...

  • Dumb ass of the day.

    Dumb ass of the day.

    On Monday morning, a guy in San Diego was walking down the street holding his pet Chihuahua . . . an...

  • Feel good story of the day.

    Feel good story of the day.

    A college kid in Alabama named Walter Carr got a new job at a moving company in Birmingham last week...

  • National Hot Dog day!!!

    National Hot Dog day!!!

    It’s National Hot Dog Day.  And we’ve got the results of a recent survey on America̵...

Five Foods That Aren’t As Healthy as You Think

“The New York Times” recently did a survey where they asked people how healthy they thought different foods were.  Then they did the same survey with nutritionists.  Here are five things you might THINK are healthy, but aren’t . . . 1.  Granola bars.  71% of people said they were healthy, compared to just 28% of nutritionists.  Mostly because of ... Read More »

Crash Sports: 3 Big Concerns That Could Wreck the Jags Season

Paul Kestler – I’m optimistic, I must say. For the first time in a long time, I believe the Jacksonville Jaguars will field a marginally more competitive team than the ones we have had to choke on the past several years. The Bad News Bears may finally get to the AstroDome. Well, hopefully we can at least have a winning record. Playoffs would ... Read More »

Johnny Manziel Has a 4 Game Suspension

If JOHNNY MANZIEL ever gets his act together enough to return to the NFL, he’s going to have to serve a four game suspension first.  And that’s just for a failed drug test.  He could get more depending on what happens with his domestic abuse case.  (Full Story) Read More »

Burger King Created Deep Fried Cheetos Stuffed With Mac and Cheese

Apparently Burger King is still running with their plan of “throw insane food ideas out there and see what sticks.” On Monday, different Burger Kings around the country are going to start selling “Mac n’ Cheetos.”  Basically, they took giant Cheetos, stuffed them with macaroni and cheese, then deep fried them.  You’ll get five of them for $2.49. They say ... Read More »

Amber Heard May Be Pregnant with Johnny Depp’s Child

The ugliness that exists between JOHNNY DEPP and AMBER HEARD would get a whole lot uglier if Amber were expecting their baby.  And according to the “Star”, sources close to the couple are saying that’s true. Supposedly, Amber is going to fight tooth and nail for full custody, which will be a huge advantage for her when it comes time ... Read More »

Parrot Keeps Repeating Last Argument Between a Dead Man and His Wife

An African grey parrot in Michigan apparently witnessed a murder last year, and he keeps repeating the last thing he heard the victim say.  In fact he repeats the whole argument between the victim and his wife, and goes back and forth mimicking their voices.  (The victim was a 45-year-old guy named Martin Duram.  He died in May of last ... Read More »

Casey Anthony Reportedly Told Her Lawyer She Was Guilty

Casey Anthony is one of the most hated people in America . . . and this won’t help:  There are new allegations that she ADMITTED to her attorney that she killed her daughter Caylee.  Also, she was paying the lawyer with SEX. Dominic Casey is a private eye who was hired by Casey’s attorney Jose Baez.  And he made these ... Read More »