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No more dumpster diving!

A couple in Fargo, North Dakota named Mike and Jenny Stevens opened a Little Caesars franchise back in 2015.  And about two years ago, they noticed that homeless people kept looking for leftover pizza in their dumpster outside.   So they put up a sign that said anyone who couldn’t afford to eat could come in and get some fresh ... Read More »

The Morning Hog’s Brew Review

Brew review Rogue

10/12/18 Rogue 5:48 Rogue Honey Kolsch 8:57 Rogue Dead Guy Ale 15:02 Rogue Combat Wombat Juicy IPA Sour 20:50 Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar 27:13 Rogue Chocolate Stout 30:00 Snickers Bar Beer Cocktail 33:54 Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve 9/28/18 Oktoberfest Edition 3:30 Leinenkugel Berry Shandy 4.2 ABV 7:08 Samuel Adams Spruce Lager 10:46 Yuengling Oktoberfest 5.4 ABV 13:40 Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest ... Read More »

Cities that aren’t too fond of their boss.

This is the opposite of what a lot of people assume.  But according to a new survey, the vast majority of us actually LIKE our boss and think they do a pretty good job in general. 80% of people in the survey said they’re happy with their current boss.  Only 1 in 5 weren’t happy. 49% would describe them as ... Read More »

Dumb ass of the day.

We don’t KNOW this person was on meth, but all signs point to yes . . . A guy outside Houston wanted to, quote, “decontaminate himself of bugs” that were crawling all over his body on Tuesday. But instead of a quick “how to” search on Google, he came up with his own ‘life hack’ idea that involved spraying himself ... Read More »

Rock Real Estate

Rock Real Estate. Identify this Celebrity home by the clues we give and you will be going to see some rock this weekend at Ormond live! 386-0866-0957 Not the music kind   Read More »

Dumb ass of the day

Imagine becoming a FUGITIVE because you’re addicted to stealing small, ugly lawn ornaments. There’s a 44-year-old guy named Barton Bishop in Louisville, Kentucky.  He was arrested back in July for stealing various things, including GARDEN GNOMES from people’s yards.  DOZENS of garden gnomes. Well . . . Barton was due in court a few weeks ago to face 67 counts ... Read More »

Trick-or-treat…..go to jail

There’s really nothing more obnoxious than a bunch of high school kids trick-or-treating on Halloween . . . I get that.  But this still seems like an extreme way to stop them. There are a handful of towns where kids over 12 who go trick-or-treating can actually get ARRESTED. One of those towns is Chesapeake, Virginia.  They’ve got a statute ... Read More »

The Morning Hog Breakfast Break in!

We want to bring YOU and your co-workers breakfast once a week. All you have to do is comment with where you work and why we should bring you breakfast. Who doesn’t like to get to work and Immediately take a break? We want to be the reason your boss has to give you a brief time out! Plus, we ... Read More »

Dumb ass of the day

Well this doesn’t seem like an extreme overreaction or anything. There’s a 31-year-old guy in Louisville, Kentucky named Alex Probus.  And on Saturday night, he BURNED DOWN his own HOUSE. Why?  When the cops got there, he told them he was trying to, quote, “get rid of memories.” We’re not sure what memories those were, but apparently it was his ... Read More »