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Jacksonville Jaguars

PFF gives Jaguars a 31.7 percent chance to win AFC South

The Jacksonville Jaguars were one bad quarter of football away from winning the AFC Championship just six months ago. Now they’re almost tied with the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans in their odds of winning the AFC South, according to Pro Football Focus. Based on their PFFELO Power Rankings (which weights how well a team played against an opponent compared ... Read More »

Jaguars look the part in first padded practice of training camp

After burning up in the late-July Florida sun for two days, the Jacksonville Jaguars opened up a special evening practice session in which they finally got to put on the pads and, for as much as the league allows, practice under live contact conditions. I was able to attend the practice session and, in between live tweeting and keeping a ... Read More »

Ramsey and Bouye headline PFF’s top cornerbacks list

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the best cornerback duo in the NFL. It’s not up for debate — two All-Pro players on the outside and the lowest quarterback rating allowed of any pair in the NFL? Sign me up for a defense anchored by that. And Pro Football Focus again agrees with me, ranking both Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye among ... Read More »

2018 Jaguars training camp: Day 3 live blog

It’s Day 3 of Jacksonville Jaguars training camp and we’re in for special treat on Saturday night — live drills and a padded practice! We’re going to get to see for the first time tonight how newly signed Andrew Norwell looks in full pads, how Taven Bryan comes off the line against a full dressed Jermey Parnell, and how accurate ... Read More »

Jaguars ready for first padded practice of 2018

The Jacksonville Jaguars have made it through four months of conditioning drills, Organized Team Activities, mini-camp, and now two days of training camp all to get prepared for tonight’s main event, as for the first time the 2018 Jaguars will don the pads and begin live hitting drills for an invite-only crowd of season ticket holders at the Dream Finders ... Read More »

Mumblings of The Village Idiot

Years ago, when I was active on the message board at Jaguars.com, I existed under the screen name of TVI…The Village Idiot. I had been looking for a reason to use that name after first seeing Woody Allen’s Love and Death. Now, given the medium, you will suffer not only its rebirth but also my football, and non-football, mumblings. If ... Read More »

My Kicker Is My Wingman

No matter how attractive a guy might be, at times he needs a wingman. The job of the wingman is to occupy the other girl(s) who came with the girl his buddy is trying to impress. The wingman, by definition, cannot be more attractive or charming as his friend. His sole purpose is to ensure his buddy has the full ... Read More »

BCC Q&A: Who will be the surprise player of camp?

Let’s answer some questions now that Jacksonville Jaguars training camp has started up! Mark from Monmouth, NJ Q: Why did the Jaguars sign D.J. Hayden to a contract so much higher than his market value, and is there anyone on the roster who could surpass him as the staring nickel corner? A: First, about his market value, Dave Caldwell and ... Read More »


JAGUARS FOOTBALL IS BACK! PART I PART II The Jacksonville Jaguars are back at it again with the start of training camp and the boys at Down By The Bank have you covered previewing the team with such topics as… Can Blake Bortles continue to develop? Will the defense pick up where they left off? How will Doug Marrone respond ... Read More »

Jaguars’ toughest 2018 opponent is themselves

The Jacksonville Jaguars have officially kicked off 2018 training camp, which means football season is here and live game-action is not too far away. The Jaguars are a confident bunch, and why shouldn’t they be? The team has one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. It possesses perhaps the best defensive unit in the league, and the offense, ... Read More »