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I’m fat and just discovered we all have to lose some weight.

Being a life long rock n roller I’ve had my share of booze & food and it shows.  I could easily lose 50 pounds off my Red Zeppelin body and apparently lots of us here in the USA need to do the same.  Here’s the scoop: If your belt feels a little tighter than it should, you’re not alone. More ...

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Red Zeppelin here!

Whazz up, Red Zeppelin here and my little space on the HOG interwebs.  I’ll pontificate, spout off and find interesting stuff for you to read and view while ya kill time at work or not at work! Let’s get started. If you want to stay happily married ever after, scale back how much you use Facebook. People who use Facebook ...

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Stomach growling, like a big dog!  Nothing looks like food in the fridge, checked it at least 10 times, then it hits–Pizza!  Open the freezer, not a single tasty disc of quick hunger satisfying goodness to be found!!!  How does this happen with so many choices? Guess ordering delivery is an option, but I want it now and cheap!  Adding Pizza to ...

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