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Peter Frampton sings Skynyrd-from the upcoming Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute album

On Wednesday, November 12th, 2014, an extraordinary collection of music artists came together for “One More For The Fans! – Celebrating The Songs & Music of Lynyrd Skynyrd“, a special concert event taping honoring one of the most influential bands of our time. The concert took place at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia and featured star-studded collaborations by esteemed ...

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Do you tell the truth about your height and weight?

When we are asked to reveal our height and weight, most of us tell a bald lie. These fabrications are not limited to one gender or ethnic group. Almost all of us tell others we are slightly taller and weigh slightly less than we really do, reports LiveScience.com. Led by Ming Wen, an associate professor at the University of Utah, ...

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What are America’s favorite baseball teams?

The favorite baseball team in the U.S. is the New York Yankees — for the 12th year in a row — followed by their long-time archrivals, the Boston Red Sox. That’s the word from a Harris Poll to find out which team is liked the most. The top 10 favorite baseball teams: New York Yankees Boston Red Sox Chicago Cubs ...

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Bad Foods that are actually good for you!

BAD FOODS THAT ARE GOOD FOR YOU (Food Network Kitchens) Who knew? Baked potatoes and even burritos can be healthy fare. That’s the word from the Food Network Kitchens, which has assembled a list of 10 favorite foods most of us just assumed tasted too good or were too fattening to be healthy. Guess again! The top 10 foods that ...

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