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Last week, McCormick pulled their ad support from “The View” after they pooped on nurses.  Good for them…. screw those chatty TV hens.  But then it occurred to me that I have not seen this specific product on shelves for like a year.  I ran out of all that I had hoarded at home and today I get taunted by ...

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Red Zeppelin’s Tuesday Corner: Does sex undermine your competitive edge & Bring on the Bourbon flavored Vodka!

DOES SEX REALLY UNDERMINE THE COMPETITIVE EDGE? The debate has been raging for decades… maybe centuries: Does sex impact an athlete’s competitive edge? It was once thought that sex weakened guys through a loss of testosterone — and, therefore, vitality and strength. But recent studies found little connection between sexual activity and subsequent testosterone levels. So it seems there’s no physical advantage or ...

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