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WATCH: VAN HALEN ends tour with a first!

Van Halen brought its 41-date tour to a close this past Friday and Sunday with its first-ever shows at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Actress Valerie Bertinelli, the ex-wife of Eddie Van Halen and mother of their son, Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen, was on hand and afterwards tweeted a photo of her backstage with them with the caption, ...

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Short guys have fewer sex partners, but overweight guys are getting it!

SHORT MEN HAVE FEWER SEX PARTNERS THAN TALL GUYS According to a new study, short men have fewer sexual partners than tall guys. The researchers found that short men averaged five partners, compared to an average of seven partners for tall men. But they also found that tall men did not always have the best sex lives. In other words, ...

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Signs you’re whipped!

SIGNS YOU’RE WHIPPED A solid relationship means you and your wife or girlfriend give a little and take a little. And, you’re not attached at the hip. When you’re giving everything and have no outside life, odds are, you’re whipped. Here’s a rundown of some big time clues that you have a problem: You’re her Ken doll. She dresses you. ...

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  Youtuber and competitive eater Matt Stonie recently took on a seemingly impossible challenge and crushed it by eating 25 McDonald’s Big Macs, in under one hour.  As Stonie points out in his video, 25 Big Macs adds up to 11 pounds, 13,250 calories … and $120. Amazingly, he spent less than a minute per Big Mac – and he even ...

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