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pic of stuff

Admit it; we’ve ALL done it.  Accidentally throwing something out which you’d wished you hadn’t is a right of passage.   It’s related cousin, accidentally-on-purpose-losing a loved ones possessions, could spell the end of a relationship or ammunition for future disagreements.  BTW willingly giving up a possession the other is not fond of will not erase the aforementioned act.   ...

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Rock Climbing Fails and Falls Video

rock fall

If you’ve always wanted to take up rock climbing, here’s a little reminder of how important your equipment and a good belay partner are…BTW there’s some NSFW language in the video.  \m/

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Beer Recall


Can’t imagine beer at my house lasting long enough to be recalled…  Anyway, if you happen to have some Sierra Nevada beer in your bar you may want to take a closer look at it. On Sunday as many were sitting in front of TV screens, tipping a beer or two whilst watching the NFL championship contests, Sierra Nevada Brewing ...

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