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Burn Baby Burn!

Sometimes we run across stupid things involuntarily releasing a “Beavis & Butthead-esque” laugh… This one did it for me a couple of times! Now this is very cool — or hot. A guy spent months gluing 42,000 matches together to form a perfect sphere. Then he lit it up and watched it burn. Great Ball(s) of Fire! Enjoy! \m/

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Hey, We’re Flying Here!

Got a Drone?  Better make sure you know what you’re doing before you take it for a flight!   The FAA is investigating a video that appears to show a privately-owned drone flying extremely close to a Frontier Airlines jet as it came in for landing at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.   Can you imagine how frightening this could ...

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Leaving Netflix

No, not me, but a lot of prime Netflix content is going away! No more tunes from The Blues Brothers to deliver an instant mood boost as of 11/1/15.  Scream, Stand By Me, and The Last Waltz  will also say farewell on the first. Throughout the month more titles are dropped.  Some of the shows you may want to binge on before ...

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Wine on a Beer Budget?

Okay, there’s another one of those delightful wine walks coming up in New Symrna Beach this Saturday.  It’s a great opportunity to try some really good wine, get a bit of an education and catch a buzz for a reasonable price. (https://www.facebook.com/SouthernStoneEvents) You’ll find it’s easy to spread the day out with lots of shopping.  Yes, window shopping counts!  It’s almost ...

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