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Tom Hanks was denied a beer?

Tom Hanks was at the “Stagecoach Music festival”. He said he went up to the beer tent where you can PURCHASE beer and they wouldn’t serve him because he didn’t have a wrist band proving his ID was verified. Apparently the fact that he is TOM HANKS wasn’t good enough for those ladies behind the bar. Eventually someone came over ... Read More »

Summer. What’s it going to cost?

Kids are graduating, finishing their school year, and are ready for summer break! This means a lot of out door activities, right? Summers are for beach time, the springs, backyard BBQ’s, pools and water parks. For working parents this probably requires a PHD in time management. It could also mean budgeting. A simple slip and slide for the back yard ... Read More »

What item in your pocket or in arms reach is the dirtiest?

We all know germs are everywhere, but just how dirty are the items we use every day? Researchers recently swabbed a bunch of common places and items we come in contact with every day and the results aren’t exactly going to give you a cozy feeling. You might want to keep hand sanitizer  on you at all times. Surprisingly, Cellphones ... Read More »

Graduation parties

Many of your children are all grown up now and graduating from high school. We all remember when we graduated. We felt like we could take on the world .We thought we knew it all. Maybe we were going to move out of mom and dads? There’s just one more thing that was on our minds…. THE GRADUATION PARTY! Of ... Read More »

Arnold Schwarzenegger was “Dropkicked” in the back.

Did you  see the video Of Arnold Schwarzenegger getting drop kicked in South Africa? It was a pretty brutal kick to his back. In the video, you see the kid running up and he straight up ninja kicked Mr. Schwarzenegger right in the middle of his back. Schwarzenegger  was in a gymnasium for his “Arnold Classic” Africa event where is ... Read More »

Where do you eat dinner with your family?

According to a new survey, 3/4 of us ate dinner at the kitchen or dining room table. That number has dropped. Now only about 48% of us eat at the table. So that leaves the question… Where are people eating dinner with their family now? 30% of people say the couch when only 12% of people ate on the couch ... Read More »

How does $10K sound?

Ten THOUSAND dollars sounds pretty sweet, huh? Well, you can acquire that buy chomping into the new mystery Pringles. Pringles is coming out with a new mystery flavor and if you correctly identify it, they will give you $10K !!! The last time they did this it was 7 layer dip flavored. For 10 grand, it’s probably going to be ... Read More »

Zombie raccoons?

OK, so  is this  how it starts? There’s an outbreak in Chicago of “Zombie Raccoons”. In actuality, it called distemper. Distemper is is a viral disease found in raccoons. Symptoms include discharge from the nose and eyes, a rough coat of hair, thin and sickly appearance, and unusual behavior like wandering aimlessly. Soooo… Kinda like zombies. Distemper is highly contagious ... Read More »

Should you pay your kids to get good grades?

We all want our children to succeed, right? Should you pay them for doing so? If your child comes home with C’s and D’s, of course you’re not going to be very pleased. So, No reward, correct? Say your child comes home with straight A’s. Do you reward them with Cash? If so, how much? $20, $50, $100? Just like ... Read More »

Science wins again?!

Scientists out of Finland have discovered a way to accurately predict death and heart attacks through studies of algorithm, much like they do with peoples movie and music habits with Netflix and Spotify. 950 patients were monitored and studied by Doctors and scientists that used 85 different variables when patients complained of chest pains or discomfort. Much like the Netflix ... Read More »