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Dumb ass of the day

Sometimes if you decide to be a total jackass, karma isn’t going to wait to teach you a lesson. There’s a guy named Cory Lutz in Petersburg, Kentucky, and over the weekend, he and his fiancée and her sister built a big snowman in the yard. Well . . . apparently, on Monday, someone was driving by, saw the snowman, ... Read More »

Come on big….check?

Can anyone do this?  Or were these lottery officials just being nice?  A guy in Des Moines named Tyler Heep showed up at Iowa Lottery headquarters last week to collect his winnings . . . on a scratcher ticket worth ONE DOLLAR. Obviously he could have just cashed it at 7-Eleven or something.  But he wanted to see what they’d ... Read More »

Glorified idiot. Seriously

The wannabe martyr arrested today for scheming to attack several Washington, D.C. targets had never fired a gun, but assured his fellow plotters–both of whom were actually undercover FBI operatives–that he would use a shoulder-fired anti-tank weapon to “blow a hole in the White House.” Full story here.   Read More »

Dumb ass of the day. You picked the wrong house, dude.

Man, this pervert picked the WRONG HOUSE to mess with. A 48-year-old guy named Geoffrey Cassidy was hiding in the bushes outside of a house in Wellington, Florida on Monday, watching a teenage girl in her room.  He had his hand in his pants, but luckily the girl’s father was heading out for work and spotted him. Geoffrey took off ... Read More »

Chris Hansen is behind bars… Here’s why.

“To Catch a Predator” host CHRIS HANSEN is looking at some jail time. Chris was arrested after being caught . . . writing bad checks.  He was charged with larceny for allegedly cutting bad checks and failing to pay for $13,000 worth of products dating back to April of last year. So what was he buying?  He reportedly ordered 355 ceramic mugs, 288 T-shirts, and ... Read More »

Is Facebook working with the FBI? Some people think that’s the case.

There’s NOTHING We’d put past Facebook when it comes to exploiting us and violating our privacy at this point . . . so, yeah, sadly this seems believable. The “10 Year Challenge” or “2009 vs. 2019 Challenge” has been HUGE on social media this week, with people posting side-by-side photos of them from a decade ago and today. BUT . ... Read More »

Dumb asses of the day

This is why every good criminal carries a Triple-A card. A woman and two men in Leduc, Alberta, Canada stole a car on Friday . . . but as they drove it down the freeway, they ran out of gas.  So they pulled over to the side of the road . . . right in front of a COP CAR. ... Read More »

Netflix is raising prices…again

You’re about to pay a lot more for Netflix.  Yesterday, they announced their largest price-hike in their 12-year history, and their second increase in 15 months. The standard, most popular plan will go from $11 per month to $13 . . . the lowest plan will go from $8 to $9 . . . and the highest plan with ultra-high definition will jump ... Read More »